Why is the Earth’s Vibrational Frequency Accelerating?

Earth-Frquency-Vibe-BoardA little data on this great game of LIFE and “Raising our VIBES” that we are playing together. Check out this article by Kathy J. Forti http://tinyurl.com/nvch2so

Here We Come 2015. Let Our Games Begin!

VIBE-SACRED-CIRCLEIt’s that special time of year where we dust off our goals and make a few New Year’s resolutions for the year to come. Many of us do this with lots of passion and a firm committment, yet more often then not we slip up somewhere along the way, and we are back into the groove of the same old routine that we simply call a “Habit.”

It’s just that. A tried and true, automatic mechanism running our show so we don’t have to. Well, today is the day to try on something new for a change. Stepping into the New Year and creating a NEW YOU, out loud and in community. Creating NEW habits that will support you in creating, manifesting and living a life you LOVE. It’s not always easy to create new habits, but it certainly is WORTH it!

The doors are open to join us and create Your Grandest Visions & Wildest Dreams for 2015, inside of the V.I.B.E. Sacred Circle here at Raised Vibration. You can find out more about it HERE.

Cheers to 2015, a.k.a. Your Best Year Yet!

Life is Full of Adventures. Let’s Share One!

We are off to Mallorca, Spain to recharge, gain clarity, remove blocks, and move forward in our lives from a new place of power.

Our dates or set for November 1st – 8th, 2014 on the Island of Mallorca, Spain. The sacred grounds we will call “home” for this special week are nestled high above the Port of Soller, on the North-West coast of Mallorca.

Cas Bernats is a 16th century Finca, brought back from ruin in 1984, with all the modern amenities added. The owners took great care in maintaining the rustic, authentic charm and character that gives this Finca tons of personality.

The unique environment we have selected for our sacred space offers a deep experience of the crystal clear air, the majestic views of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, and the magic of the ancient wisdom that has been here before us.

Click here to find out more details.

The Island of Transformation is Calling You, Are You Ready?

Take a moment, focus your energy and move forward from your place of power.

Mark your calendar and join Dian Daniel and Robin Patino for an all inclusive retreat to Mallorca, Spain.
November 1st – 8th, 2014.
We are headed to a beautiful Island in the Mediterranean and we want you there with us.
This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity to experience one of the most sacred islands in the world. Known as The Island of Transformation.

Using the energy of the Winter Solstice, the full moon and numerous historical high-frequency energetic sites, we have put together a trip that will transcend you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our intention is that this experience will bring you profound peace, clarity of who you truly are, and will set you up powerfully for the coming year and beyond.

Everything at its finest is within reach. From the mountains to the sea, you will feel the magic all around you.

The itinerary is filled with amazing events and opportunities to sooth you and elevate your vibration from the inside out.

Offerings included but not limited to:

Yin & Restorative Yoga
Meditation (walking, sitting & Yoga Nidra)
Sacred site tours
Relaxation & healing
Healthy, local organic cuisine
Sacred Geometry
Meet like minded people
Fun & adventure

And the most important offering of all, is the opportunity to charge up your internal resources. Now, more than ever, the WORLD needs you at your most powerful Self.

You won’t want to miss this, and we are excited to share this experience with YOU!

Dian & Robin


how to raise your vibration

Keeping Your Vibe High During Challenging Times

It’s easy to create a high vibration for yourself when things are going well. However it becomes more tricky when we experience challenging circumstances in our lives. When difficult situations come up and we feel as though we are being tested all the good work can come crashing down and we find ourselves in the dulldrums again.

Let’s get one thing clear. Life is not about avoiding ‘negative’ emotions. In fact they are a vital part of life. For one thing they provide ‘contrast’. How would we ever know we are happy if we did not experience the emotion we call sadness? How would we know we are excited if we had never felt boredom? The law of attraction says we cannot move away from anything we think about, we can only move towards that which we think of. Rather than trying to avoid negative emotions instead try always moving towards joy. If you are in a bad place, reach for a thought that feels just a little bit better, and then another, and so on up from there.

So how do we keep our vibe high when we experience circumstances that feel challenging or less than ideal to us?

  1. Accept that some ‘contrast’ is part of life. Embrace those challenging circumstances or  difficult emotions, and be grateful for them as they are alerting you to the fact that you need to course correct. Byron Katie refers to this as ‘Loving what is’ in her book by the same title. In some cases we need to really sink into, and feel our funk first, before we are ready to let it go. This is fine, allow yourself to feel it fully, and then begin to look for a better thought about the situation.
  2. Look for the lesson. Every challenging situation holds a lesson if you bring your awareness to it. And if we move on too quickly without learning the lesson it is likely that we will get to experience that set of circumstances again. We keep re-creating the same set of circumstances until we get the lesson they hold for us. So hold still and really look for the lesson in your current situation before moving on.
  3. Remember that we attract from the vibration we are offering out. This means that whatever level you are vibrating at you are attracting more of the same. For some people this can cause panic. You may think ‘oh no I am being negative so I am attracting more negativity’. Although this is basically true, there is a whole spectrum of emotions with different vibrations attached to them. For example anger can be of a higher vibration than bland ‘niceness’, especially if that niceness is not genuine. This doesn’t mean we should all go around being angry, it simply means honoring where you are at and then gently reaching for the next better thought and feeling (higher vibration) is the way forward.
  4. Take a break. Sometimes just taking a break from whatever is going on is enough to shift your perspective. When we are experiencing something we find difficult it can become all consuming or overwhelming. Sometimes simply going and doing something else is enough of a mental break to interrupt the pattern and raise your vibe. Often doing something active like a brisk walk in nature, some stretching or some Yoga/Pilates moves can be ideal because it gets your energy moving and can lift your mood.
  5. Notice and question your thoughts about what is happening. Think about a difficult time you have been through recently. Perhaps it was an experience within your love life, or an issue with money. Now notice your thoughts about it. Often much of the pressure comes from the thoughts we think about our circumstances rather than the circumstances themselves. We can create ‘thought loops’ in our head where we literally go round in circles with our negative thinking, and all that negative thinking only adds to the suffering and continues to create more of the same. Instead see if you can interrupt your thought pattern. What positive thought could you choose to think instead?
  6. What can you do to raise your vibe right now? What would lift you up, just a little bit, in this moment? Is it taking a break to go out in nature, doing some breathing exercises, meditation or some exercise? Perhaps a nourishing meal would do it for you. Some people favor a hot bath with candles. Leaping round the garden or dancing round the room to uplifting music are also excellent for lifting your spirits and getting the energy flowing again. Journaling is another way to process. So there are lots and lots of options for when we want to life our vibe. I bet you can think of some more.

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know your current challenges and/or how you keep your vibe high.

law of attraction

How To Manifest Your Biggest Desires

Perhaps you have developed some awareness of  The Law of Attraction and the art of manifesting. You are beginning to understand how the universe and your own vibration work, and you are putting the principles to work to the best of your best ability in your own life. Yet you are still not yet seeing the results you want. When this happens it can be hard to keep the faith in the law of attraction and it can feel very frustrating.

For most people it takes time and practice before they begin to experience manifesting in it’s full glory and realize what they are really capable of. Sadly not everyone makes it and many people give up before they reach that stage. I am here to tell you not to give up! Read on to find out why.

Personal Development is an on-going process. It isn’t that you reach a certain place and that is ‘it’, you’re done, no more growth needed. In fact if we are not growing and expanding we are dying (the same is true in nature, if something is not growing and increasing, it’s dying). However you can certainly create and achieve goals along the way, and these goals can serve as markers and signs of success.  Achieving them doesn’t necessarily make us any more happy than we already were day to day. So it is important to also focus on being in the moment, and improving daily, both within yourself, and also in terms of your environment and experiences.

With this in mind we would like to share this week’s ‘Success Story’.

Julie is one of the Vibe Team and she has a powerful story to share, described here in her own words.


“I am sitting here today in France (on an extended trip) with to door open, afternoon sunshine pouring in and the birds tweeting. Later I am working with one of my clients in my new business, which is also my dream career. My husband is out with the dog and he will be back later for a lazy afternoon in the sunshine. I feel blissfully contented. However my life certainly wasn’t always like this.

Prior to joining Raised Vibration (RV) last year I was stuck. And I mean seriously stuck. I had left my city job a few years before due to stress and headed back to the countryside to stay with my Mum. However that combined with a relationship breakup had left me with a serious dent in my confidence. I was working 3 jobs that didn’t pay well, struggling with debts and was exhausted most of the time. While there was nothing wrong with the jobs I was doing, I didn’t really get much fulfillment out of them and they certainly weren’t challenging or stimulating to me.

The one good thing was that I had met my (now) husband, however we were in a rut. Both of us wanted to travel and get out of the daily grind and yet with our financial situation we simply couldn’t see how that was possible. Shortly after joining RV we decided to get married, which we did at the end of last year. By then I had started using the tools in RV and learning about what was really possible when I changed my perception and started to ask a new question like ‘how IS it possible?’ I wrote out my 10, 5, 3 and 1 year visions in RV, and went all the way through the process to my inspired actions. Then I had something concrete to work with (daily actions I could take). I also created some Vibe boards.

Since doing that I have

A) fulfilled my dream to leave my job and come away traveling with my husband. We are currently touring France and Italy and house-sitting.

B) Created a business doing something I love – coaching women – and actually earning money at it (nearly enough to fully support us – watch this space).

C) Manifested the exact 4×4 we desired (I am not good with makes and models, I just asked the universe for a shiny black 4×4!).

D) Manifested the PERFECT house sitting opportunity for myself and my husband, including very specific requirements like a luxury fitted kitchen and bathroom in a beautiful country cottage in France (some pics attached). This came to us in such an unusual way that it cannot be ‘logically’ explained.

E) Completed my first E-book ‘Get the Relationship You Desire’ – it will be on sale very soon.

F) I am now working on growing the business, increasing my wealth and creating some audio training products, as well as working as a Coach for RV.

This all in the space of about 6 months.

I am totally blown away by what we were able to achieve once we got clear and made the decision that it would happen, even though at the time we didn’t know how.

I hope that maybe my story can inspire some people and perhaps it can inspire you if you are feeling stuck. I want you to know that it took me a couple of years to really absorb the principles of the law of attraction and to get how to manifest. It took me even longer to learn how to utilize that knowledge to get actual tangible results, and the work is on-going. However once I started using RV a lot of it fell into place, and the process was speeded up exponentially. This stuff really works if you stay open and use the tools as they are organized in a logical manner.

So I want to say to you, no matter where you are in your journey, don’t give up. Keep the faith. Even if it feels frustrating at times, remember, if I can do it you can too! Keep in mind that I also experienced it ‘not working’ before it did. And I also got frustrated and doubtful at times. But I never gave up.

In the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napolean Hill there is a quote which says “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”. Decide which one you are.

Keep making improvements day by day and for goodness sake use all the tools and support available to you through RV. This has been the secret to my success. That and the people I surround myself with.

With Love

Julie. x”

We hope that  Julie’s story inspires you, and we know that you too can begin to manifest your biggest desires in your own life . It starts with a decision.

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Feel free to ask your questions and leave your comments in the box below.

wealth consciousness

Developing Wealth Consciousness

Developing Wealth Consciousness is about more than just money. If you are here on this site the chances are you know a little about The Law Of Attraction, however have you ever asked yourself this question ‘Do I really believe, beyond doubt, that I create my own circumstances?’

Most people feel a little uncomfortable when they ask themselves that question, because by default it requires that if you answer ‘Yes’ then you have to take FULL responsibility for your life. And as hard as that may be, there is also GREAT power in it as you move forward, knowing you are a being with the ability to create as you wish.

One of my great teachers David Neagle  speaks often about The Law of Polarity. In a nutshell he teaches that everything is created as a whole, it has a top, a bottom, sides and so on. If one side of something exists, then by law the other side of it must exist also. You cannot have the front of the book without the back. You may not be able to SEE the back but you know it is there. So, if you apply that to any circumstance in your life, including wealth, and you are experiencing lack, by law the opposite of that must exist. Abundance must exist. And more than that YOU experiencing abundance is a circumstance that must exist, you just need to shift your awareness so that you can SEE that circumstance.

Just realizing this can open doors.

Developing Your Own Wealth Consciousness

So how is your own wealth consciousness? Do you experience an abundance of wealth inflow into your life? Or perhaps you are experiencing lack right now or even an abundance of debt (Eeek!) and you desire to change this.  I have found that this transformational work happens best with small shifts in perspective. That isn’t to say you can’t have a quantum leap in this area – you totally can. However the first step is just to begin to change your awareness. To increase your ‘consciousness’ of abundance.

Start by asking yourself the following questions. They are magical questions that get your mind focused where it needs to be in order to begin creating wealth in your life:

Who could you be WITH plenty of money?

What would it feel like if you never had to worry about money again?

What would you do?

Who and what suffers in your world if you don’t have the money to fulfill your dreams? What about the wider impact you would have made?

A simple shift to help:

It’s about loving yourself. So if you find it hard to imagine having the money, or you just can’t feel the positive emotion around that easily, then instead think of wealth consciousness as developing the value in yourself. As another way to love yourself more.

You also need to check in and see what negative beliefs you may be holding, on a subconscious level, about money and wealthy people. These are likely to be beliefs you inherited from your Parents, Grandparents and the people around you growing up. You will need to release any negative beliefs around money to open the way for it to come to you.

5% of people in the USA earn over $100,000 – will you be one of them? And what amazing things will you do in the world when you are?

Doubts About The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction (LOA) –

Despite the fact that it is based on a fairly simple concept, this universal law is the one that people seem to struggle with the most, out of all the spiritual laws.

I understand this, it took me a while to grasp it too!

Simply put the LOA states that what you think about and focus on grows, and you get more of it, whether it is good or bad. You literally attract in more of whatever it is you are thinking about, feeling and giving energy to. All these elements together (thoughts, feelings and focus) make up ‘your vibration’.

Some of the difficulty people have when they first learn about this law stems from questions like:

‘Well how about children who are ill, did they attract this in to themselves?’


‘What about world hunger, starvation and poverty’.

These questions can feel a little uncomfortable when applied to LOA. Esther (Abraham) Hicks explain it really well, basically indicating that the way we view things, from our limited human perspective where we always label things as good or bad, means that we view them differently from how the Source/God/The Universe experiences them, and that we cannot comprehend these issues fully with our human minds, perspectives and senses. In reality they are just experiences, neither good nor bad. It is we who give meaning to them, and that is as it should be on this physical, earthly plane.

There is the idea that each being here on earth chose exactly what they wanted to experience on this physical plane, because it was the perfect experience that would allow that celestial being to develop in the way it required and desired to develop. There is also the theory that parents can attract in for their children. ‘A Course In Miracles’ also helps us to understand these concepts better.

So should we simply not care about the people going hungry? Or the sick children? No, we must always care. However we can learn to judge the situation less and focus on the positive. Asking – what can be done to help? What is the SOLUTION? And what is the silver lining? This is how we help because it moves the focus forward into a more positive light whilst still acknowledging the problem.

This video from Oprah can really help you to understand LOA, if you are struggling with it or having doubts.

Enjoy – and remember – it is all a big game – the game of life!


Where Do You Feel That Emotion In Your Body?

This is a fabulous chart and article from Discover Magazine. We often talk about how we are feeling, and seldom do we take the time to really identify where that feeling resides in our body.

Why would we want to know this? By being able to connect the thought pattern with the feeling, and then being able to locate where in our physical body it is located, we have the wonderful opportunity to technically “grasp” that otherwise very intangible emotion. And suddenly, in that moment we actually have control over that emotion, rather then being controlled by it.

It is a pretty powerful thing. And once we have control over it, it no longer has to run on automatic pilot, unless of course we want it to.

So take a minute next time you are feeling an emotion that is running your life, and find out where it lives in your body. Become the observer, and you will experience your true power in that very moment.

How To Allow Happiness


Do You Know How To Be Happy?

We all say that we want happiness, and many of us have done the work and written out detailed lists of our desires and plans for the months and years ahead, especially if you are working with the VIBE system tools, so what about when those  desires come true? What about when you finally get what you want, are you really ready to receive it?

Often, when our desires manifest they are not quite what we expected, and for many of us we are ‘trained’ not to feel happy and content, no matter how good things get in our lives. We learned to believe in lack and fear from when we were very young and most of our adult lives. Many people have a pattern of focusing on the negative, and it is an internal pattern that keeps us from experiencing joy. Most of us are so ‘programmed’ to experience misery and struggle that it has become normality for us. And so we will experience it no matter what is going on around us, and also we will continue to create circumstances that support those underlying negative beliefs.

Many people they will say what they want, and then they will say that they will be happy once they achieve that specific thing. However they reach their goal and they are still not happy (because it is not about ‘saying‘ it is about ‘being‘). So then they make a new goal… and on and on. This can go on for a lifetime in many cases unless the individual wakes up to what is happening. The reason they are not happy is because they are attaching their happiness to an external thing, rather than working on their internal state.

Happiness is not an external circumstance, it is an internal state.

So I say to you BE HAPPY NOW, regardless of whether you have achieved that goal or whether your external circumstances are perfect. Work on feeling good in the moment and doing the internal work to continue to move towards joy. Don’t be thrown when any ‘negative’ emotions that come up, they are part of the deal too, and are not to be taken too seriously. You can choose to accept and  acknowledge them and then move onto joy and happiness quickly, so that you end up spending more time in ‘joy’.

What can you do or say to make yourself feel happy now? What affirmations can you use? What ‘stories’ do you need to tell yourself? What loving words do you need to say to yourself in the mirror? What have you got already to feel appreciative of?

When you have done the work and manifested your desires now is the time to learn to hold still and ‘receive’ gratefully. This can take practice too.

How much happiness will you allow in your life today?