T.G.I.F. and a great V.I.B.E. Tip for the week!

Do you ever wonder why Friday’s are so much fun? Consider the energy shared around the world of people so delighted that it’s Friday has a pretty big effect on us as ONE. Imagine if you were able to bring that Friday experience into EVERYDAY of your life. Imagine what that would FEEL like. Whenever you FEEL that feeling, see just how long you can maintain it. Hold that raised vibration within you as long as you can. And if you make it to the end of the day, and you truly feel that BLISSFUL feeling, step outside, sit down quietly facing the sunset, and imagine all your grandest visions and dreams being real in that very moment. Let your heart be filled with JOY and take a deep breath in, and on the exhale say in your mind (or out loud if you DARE), “IT IS DONE, IT IS DONE, IT IS DONE!” Do that a few times and when you are complete… GO CELEBRATE THE WEEKEND! Happy Friday EVERYONE!

Raised Vibration Collage Platform is Live

The Raised Vibration Collage Platform (we call it the V.I.B.E. Board) is now live and available for public use. Now you can import images and pictures from your facebook account, Google Images, Flickr, and other sources or upload photos and images from your computer to create beautiful collages…without the need for a costly designer!

Here’s our first demo video:

The uses for these images are simply endless!

  • Save your creations to your own computer
  • Email them to friends
  • Send them to your personal success coach
  • Publish direct to facebook for public sharing from inside the V.I.B.E. Board tool!
  • Post the collage image to your blog
  • Pin your blog post with your new image on Pinterest!
  • Change the settings and make a new facebook header!

See what I mean by “endless?”

No graphics design experience needed and no need to pay high-end designers! Anyone can register for free to use the collage platform while we gather feedback from users. We could call this a Beta release, I suppose, but it’s more of a let’s launch it and improve as we go approach.

Register Now for your free account.

The V.I.B.E. System is coming!

We have been toiling away on building the RV online membership platform.  We are almost there, and it is getting very exciting.  There are times when we wonder, for what is all this effort?  Then we stop, and reflect on our Mission, Vision and Values to remind us of much more then the purpose of the new VIBE System.  Our MM&V’s are a reminder of what it’s ALL ABOUT!  Press on people!  Press on.  It’s worth it.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

We are a week away from this year’s one & only “OWNING MY PURPOSE” Playshop!  The participant list is AMAZING and we are so EXCITED to see the PEACE, PASSION & PURPOSE that will be created in the WORLD from this playshop.  Our camera crew is ready to capture it ALL.  Our plans include rolling out this PLAYSHOP in an ONLINE playshop format early next year so we can reach a larger audience.  Stay tuned for that and much, much more!  Lights, Camera, ACTION… we’re ROLLING!

May and counting….

We can’t believe it is already MAY 2012!!! Oh how time flies when you are having fun. We have been working away since the company Soft Launch in March. From our deliciously exciting monthly VIBE Parties, to building a better website experience we are hot on the trail of developing a platform to support YOU in RAISING your VIBE and manifesting your Dreams. Here is our company VALUE PROP! We love it, and we hope you do too!

Raised Vibration is on a mission to “Raise the Vibration” of humanity around the world. We are minding the gap from unconsciousness to total awareness. We believe that who you are, what you are doing, and how you feel really does matter in this game of life. When your vibration is raised, you are actively aware and can craft the life you truly dream of. When this occurs, it is no longer wishful thinking – it’s WISH-FULFILLED thinking.

Raised Vibration provides people with the tools they need to take their life to the next level. Through our live programs and “play” shops, interactive membership website, vacations, day-cations, products and services, we’ve found ways to train anyone on what it takes for them to operate in perfect harmony with who they really are and their unique life purpose. The difference between ‘normal living’ and living with a ‘Raised Vibration’ is nothing less than incredible. When someone participates with Raised Vibration, they realize that everything they have done, up to this point in their life has been on purpose. No mistakes, no accidents. There’s a saying that when the student is ready the teacher appears…Our creative team of staff, coaches, leaders and trainers have decades of study in different modalities and have mastered the art of being ALIVE.

Our commitment is that you too have access to everything you need to master your very own art of being ALIVE. Honoring all of life’s entities, their true divinity, and full potential is what it’s all about. People LOVE to participate with us because we love people and we care about their lives.

It’s 1-2-12… Now what?

New Year’s resolutions and creations are on the table for most of us right now. Be sure you take some time to let go of 2011 and ALL that it had to offer, completely. When you have a blank slate you are ready to create. And when you wake up the next morning, on January 2nd and everything looks exactly the same… DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!


It’s time…. Let the Raised Vibration GAMES begin! We have been toiling away on this idea for a few years now. First lesson… You will never feel prepared enough to START. Nike is right… JUST DO IT! You have all that you need to begin. Cheers to RAISING THE VIBRATION of HUMANITY, one step at a time. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Gearing up for the November OMP Workshop in AZ

The next “Owning My Purpose” Workshop is scheduled for November 17-20, 2011. It will take place at the Hotel Valley Ho in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. Check out the details and come play! https://raisedvibration.com/worshops/owning-my-purpose

5 days away…..

We are 5 days away from the first ever “Owning My Purpose” Workshop!  This is an exciting time and we can’t wait to begin.  After a few tweaks here and there, we plan to offer the workshop again in the Spring of 2012.  Stay tuned… there is much more to come!

Gearing up for August workshop

Hello August!  We are in major preparation for the August “Owning My Purpose” workshop.  It has been over a year in the making and we are finally ready to let it rip!  We look forward to sharing all about it and posting lots of media from the event. Raising the VIBE baby!