Electronic V.I.B.E Journal

Journaling at the tip of your fingers. Instant access to your aspirations and dreams.

Remember when you used to write in your journal about some important happenings in your life or even random things that caught your attention? It teaches you self-awareness – helps you open up your innermost desires and dreams, even ones that you don’t dare divulge to your close friends. Yet, how often do you go back to your journal to re-read what once were precious INSIGHTS about yourself?

The Raised Vibration electronic journal is an AMAZING, COOL feature of the one and only VIBE System. Your V.I.B.E. Journal:

  • Offers access to your entries with the Raised Vibration Mobile App. That’s right… access your journal anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone!
  • Categorizes your thoughts so you can access them quickly and easily.
  • Links into your other V.I.B.E. System tools, all designed to maximize your efforts on the road to manifesting your grandest visions and wildest dreams.
  • Lets you turn journal entries into actions that you can add directly into your google calendar.
  • And the best benefit of all, we get to save a few more trees because you’re journaling electronically!

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