Mission, Visions & Values


To inspire humanity to realize their greatness and consciously create their reality on the journey to self-mastery!



The Evolution of Expanding the Experience of Life

We can never stay static or be at the end of our efforts to expand our experience of life, because we’re all designed to continually evolve and change. Here at Raised Vibration, we will always be growing and changing what is wanted and needed next both by ourselves as a company and by our customers. This is inspiring to us: we will forever be creating and expanding.




Operating with Grace & Ease

We experience and act with ease and grace, and it is our commitment to everyone whose life we touch that they experience ease and grace in all things as a consequence.

Being Genuine, Honest & Sincere

There is no more peaceful place for a human being to stand than on their own unique foundation. Each of us knows our truth, because each of us designed that truth for ourselves, maybe even back before we can consciously remember. It is by being genuine, honest and sincere about our truth that we finally own it. There is nothing to prove, and from this place of acceptance, total peace is always present.

Practicing Awareness

Through the continual practice of awareness, growth and the evolution of the human consciousness is inevitable.  Everything we create, provide and deliver is based from this practice, which opens the door for our customers to do the same in all areas of their life.

Willingness to be Open & Authentic

Freedom is what this core value is all about.  There is complete freedom in being open & authentic.  There is nothing to hide.

Expect Magic

When we act from the assumption that magic and miracles are within and without, we shift our energy in ways that mean we experience our lives not as a series of random or chance events without meaning, but as an ongoing game of intentional creation and causation. This is where a human being finally becomes the master of his or her own Universe. When we accept this magic and our part in it, we become, inevitably, responsible for our own experience of life.

Staying Curious

Curiosity is an emotion that arises from our naturally inquisitive behavior as human beings–behavior like exploration, investigation and learning. It exists separately from basic instinct because it can be expressed in many ways, whereas instincts are generally characterized by fixed action patterns. By staying curious as a company, and encouraging our customers to do the same, we will remain playful investigators of what’s next on our unique journey.

Honoring Humanity

We are committed to honoring everyone who crosses our path. We see the divine in each and every being, and are committed to returning them to who they really are by providing tools, training and support to help them reclaim their full potential.

Perpetual Gratitude & Appreciation

There is a direct correlation between gratitude and well-being, and from a state of holding both in heart and mind, there is always the possibility of all aspects of life being well. We like to say, “All IS WELL,” a sweet and frequent reminder that it was, is, and always will be so.

Communicating Through Active Listening & Open Sharing

Communication is the action of conveying information. The word itself comes comes from the Latin “communis,” meaning to share, and as such it requires a sender and receiver. Active listening brings presence and aliveness to what most would say is a passive activity. When you combine open sharing and active listening in your communications, there is space for complete and total resolution. Nothing is left unsaid, and from that space of “nothing,” we can create anything.

Creative, Innovative & Passionate Leadership

Raised Vibration was founded on creative, innovative and passionate leadership. It is from the space of holding these values that we provide products and services, and it is the filter through which we actively listen to our customers.

Inspired Action

We believe in taking Inspired Actions, which we define as actions taken from what makes our hearts sing and our souls expand. Imagine what your life might look like if every action you took was one of inspiration! This is a life that springs from the heart.

Playfully and Joyfully Serving

If we’re very smart or very lucky, there comes a particular point in each life when we rediscover our purpose. We believe that often, as Mahatma Gandhi said, that purpose is best discovered when you “lose yourself in the service of others.” And so we do–with joy and a sense of play in our hearts. We believe that’s what life is all about–and that’s how we play the our game.

Having Fun, True Bliss! Gotta Be Delicious!

Finally, this is the spirit with which we at Raised Vibration create anything, and this final value says it all for us. If it isn’t fun, if it isn’t blissful, if it isn’t totally delicious–STOP IT!

Come take on YOUR grandest visions and wildest dreams in LIFE with us today!

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