The Island of Transformation is Calling You, Are You Ready?

Take a moment, focus your energy and move forward from your place of power.

Mark your calendar and join Dian Daniel and Robin Patino for an all inclusive retreat to Mallorca, Spain.
November 1st – 8th, 2014.
We are headed to a beautiful Island in the Mediterranean and we want you there with us.
This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity to experience one of the most sacred islands in the world. Known as The Island of Transformation.

Using the energy of the Winter Solstice, the full moon and numerous historical high-frequency energetic sites, we have put together a trip that will transcend you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our intention is that this experience will bring you profound peace, clarity of who you truly are, and will set you up powerfully for the coming year and beyond.

Everything at its finest is within reach. From the mountains to the sea, you will feel the magic all around you.

The itinerary is filled with amazing events and opportunities to sooth you and elevate your vibration from the inside out.

Offerings included but not limited to:

Yin & Restorative Yoga
Meditation (walking, sitting & Yoga Nidra)
Sacred site tours
Relaxation & healing
Healthy, local organic cuisine
Sacred Geometry
Meet like minded people
Fun & adventure

And the most important offering of all, is the opportunity to charge up your internal resources. Now, more than ever, the WORLD needs you at your most powerful Self.

You won’t want to miss this, and we are excited to share this experience with YOU!

Dian & Robin


How To Allow Happiness


Do You Know How To Be Happy?

We all say that we want happiness, and many of us have done the work and written out detailed lists of our desires and plans for the months and years ahead, especially if you are working with the VIBE system tools, so what about when those  desires come true? What about when you finally get what you want, are you really ready to receive it?

Often, when our desires manifest they are not quite what we expected, and for many of us we are ‘trained’ not to feel happy and content, no matter how good things get in our lives. We learned to believe in lack and fear from when we were very young and most of our adult lives. Many people have a pattern of focusing on the negative, and it is an internal pattern that keeps us from experiencing joy. Most of us are so ‘programmed’ to experience misery and struggle that it has become normality for us. And so we will experience it no matter what is going on around us, and also we will continue to create circumstances that support those underlying negative beliefs.

Many people they will say what they want, and then they will say that they will be happy once they achieve that specific thing. However they reach their goal and they are still not happy (because it is not about ‘saying‘ it is about ‘being‘). So then they make a new goal… and on and on. This can go on for a lifetime in many cases unless the individual wakes up to what is happening. The reason they are not happy is because they are attaching their happiness to an external thing, rather than working on their internal state.

Happiness is not an external circumstance, it is an internal state.

So I say to you BE HAPPY NOW, regardless of whether you have achieved that goal or whether your external circumstances are perfect. Work on feeling good in the moment and doing the internal work to continue to move towards joy. Don’t be thrown when any ‘negative’ emotions that come up, they are part of the deal too, and are not to be taken too seriously. You can choose to accept and  acknowledge them and then move onto joy and happiness quickly, so that you end up spending more time in ‘joy’.

What can you do or say to make yourself feel happy now? What affirmations can you use? What ‘stories’ do you need to tell yourself? What loving words do you need to say to yourself in the mirror? What have you got already to feel appreciative of?

When you have done the work and manifested your desires now is the time to learn to hold still and ‘receive’ gratefully. This can take practice too.

How much happiness will you allow in your life today?


The Power of Allowing

If you’re at all self-aware (or even if you just glance at magazine covers in waiting rooms), you’ve seen tons of articles about the power of positive thinking, the importance of acting as if you already have/are what you want, the science of happiness, and the Tao of Pooh. If you’re like us, you live it, mostly, and you believe in it, too. You’ve seen the magic that results from gratitude, intentional living, affirmations and remembering that your thoughts become things.

What doesn’t get talked about anywhere near as much, however–probably because it simply isn’t as much fun–is that no human being, no matter how evolved, goes around being positive 24/7. Bad stuff happens, from small annoyances and irritations to massive tragedy, and pretty much none of us reacts to it, at least initially, by jumping up and down and saying, “Yay! Death and illness and poverty and despair! What amazing learning opportunities!”

Even when they are. Learning opportunities, that is.

But let’s set that to one side, for a moment, because we’re not ready to talk about that. Let’s talk about the crap. The person or thing or job you lost. The scary diagnosis. The mean girls who hurt you. The intimate who betrayed you. The accident that cost you something important to you. The depression, the fear, the doubt.

What should you be feeling about all that?

Simple: exactly what you feel.

But won’t that screw everything up?  If “acting as if” you have the things you want works, then won’t acting as if your life sucks make your life, well, suck more?

No. Well, yes, a little. But mostly no.

Let’s pick an example. Let’s say your house and everything in it burns down tomorrow. Unless you’re scamming your insurance company (and you are among the half a dozen people on the planet who know how to set a fire that can’t be traced to the point of origin), there is no way you are going to feel happy or joyful or positive about this. It’s huge, this loss, even if no one was hurt and you’re all lucky to be alive. You just lost everything you own.

Whenever there’s loss, there’s grief. Because in every loss, big and small, there’s a small death of something, even if it’s the death of a dream or the death of how you thought your life was going to be. Maybe it’s the loss of the illusion of invulnerability. Maybe it’s the loss of your kids’ baby pictures. Maybe it’s the loss of an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind artwork or antique.

When you can get to a place where you can feel the good that can come out of this tragedy, acknowledging that positivity will be powerful indeed. But for most of us, the only way to get to that point is through the muck and the yuck. The surreal disbelief and denial. The anger and feelings of unfairness. The self-pity and depression.

And an interesting thing happens, when you allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, without judgment, without rushing it, without making things feel even worse by telling yourself that whatever it is you’re grieving “shouldn’t” matter.

You make it past the pain faster. That’s worth repeating: by allowing yourself to actually feel every inch and every minute of the pain that’s coming up for you, you create the space to honor those feelings and to make room for what comes next.

And what comes next is usually recovery, which will look as unique to you as your pain did. Maybe at first, you’ll find gratitude in all the things/people you didn’t lose. Maybe you’ll realize that some of that “stuff” wasn’t as important to you as you thought it was. Maybe you’ll realize that within this pit of sour pain is also opportunity: who will you be, what will you become, as a result of this tragedy? How can it serve you, better you, strengthen you, even allow you to serve others?

If you feel like you haven’t got time for the pain, I urge you, gently, to make some. Because pain denied is simply pain deferred, not pain avoided, and it will come squishing out at some future point when I absolutely guarantee you’re not expecting it, aren’t ready for it, and will likely splash your wounds all over innocent bystanders. It will last–and this is a very scientific calculation–about 15 billion times longer than if you had just allowed yourself to feel it and process it in the first place.

Allow all of your feelings, including the yucky uncomfortable ones. Because when we allow ourselves to feel all that we feel, we make room for the natural flow, for the tides to wax and wane, for the good times and feelings to come around and gently cradle us once again.

Back in the Saddle Again

Summer is winding down. Cooler temps, crisp leaves and brand new boxes of crayons are just around the corner.

Some of us get excited about this time of year. It’s fresh-start territory, a chance to begin again with a cleared desk, a clean slate and all the possibilities of reinvention and renewal laid out like a banquet before us.

Others of us are wistfully looked backward, already missing summer, coming down hard from vacation highs, and, when we look ahead, doing so with a squint of dread. We don’t WANT to come back to what we call “reality.”

If you fall into the former category, cool beans! But if you find yourself tipping towards the latter? Consider: what are the elements that make up your daily “reality?” And if they do not fill you with hope, charge you with enthusiasm, light you up and make you dance in your chair even a little, why in the world are you still doing them?

But. . . .

You have to have a job, right? You have to take care of the kids and the house and the yard and the bills. Life isn’t all sunshine and swimming pools, after all, and your job isn’t supposed to be fun–that’s why they call it WORK.

If you’ll excuse the mild epithet: bullpucky.

Yes, most of us require an income. Yes, most of us wish to meet our responsibilities. But you, dear reader, get to choose what that looks like. Life can be sunshine and swimming pools and fun AND still also provide for you and yours in abundance. What you do with your life, how you choose to live it and express your best self, isn’t, thank goodness, a binary choice.

So as you get ready to ride in the next few weeks, take a good hard look at your mount. Is this the right horse for you, the one who will take you where you want to go? Do you know how to ride gently but masterfully, with YOU in charge instead of your steed?

Want to trade in your horse or your equipment for the ride of your lifetime, the one that takes you to your dreams? Visit us at for the visioning, planning and accountability tools that will make sure your trails are happy ones.

Time to saddle up, cowboys and cowgirls. What’s it going to be?


Rock Steady, Baby

Everyone’s got their own word for it. Aretha calls it “Rock Steady.” Someone else might call it “Euphoria.” Another might call it “Connected to the Universe.”  But whatever you call it, let’s call it what it is (what it is, what it is): the essence of you, humming and purring and your absolute highest.

How do you get there? Our V.I.B.E. online tools are exactly about helping you do just that. For some people, it’s playing with visualizing in all its forms: drawing, writing, dreaming, meditating, talking. For others it’s getting into the inspired actions: doing stuff that is in total alignment with who we are and what we want, and it feels goooooood.

Some of us find our highest vibration in movement: yoga, running, surfing, or, like everyone on “Soul Train,” dancing.

Maybe your highest vibration can be found in connecting to others: volunteering, being of service, or simply creating and collaborating and having a wonderful, magical time in community.

Only you know your most essential, deleriously happy, euphoric self. Only you can know what gets you there. And if you’re not sure, the tools at http://raisedvibration are a great place to start.

In the meantime, turn your computer speakers up a little higher. Clear the floor. Move your hips from side to side.

You sure you haven’t done this before? : )

5 Simple Steps to Having Everything You Want

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Raised Vibrations (RV) isn’t about traveling cross-country in an Airstream—unless, of course, that’s one of your life’s dreams!  We’re about creating magic and miracles in every aspect of your life. That means not just the easy parts—just about anyone can, with sufficient time and effort, declutter their living room—but in ALL areas, even the places where you feel like you’ve been stumped and stuck.

MP900414028Whether you’re an Obama or Bob the Builder fan—or neither—the answer to “Can you do it?” is always “YES YOU CAN!”  Yes, you can finally get everything you want out of your life—with a few caveats.

Let’s get those out of the way up front:  we don’t have control over the life destiny of others, so your manifestations won’t work if they involve specific action on the part of specific people (sorry, there goes everyones’ plan to manifest a hot date with Colin Farrell or Beyonce, right?). And manifestation is not about simply chanting mantras. You can tell yourself you have a million dollars until the cows come home–and what time DO the cows come home, anyway?–but it ain’t gonna happen until you pair your intentions with actually putting yourself out there.

So what DOES work?  The whole V.I.B.E. system is built on this: visualize, intend, believe, and experience. Here’s what that looks like in action:

1.  Visualize the thing or outcome you want.  (Here at RV, we often do that through collaging, but you can do this any way that works for you:  meditation, journaling, telling everyone you know, sticky notes, drawing pictures.)  It’s key to visualize yourself already having what you want in your life. For example, if you want more money, an ineffective and ultimately pointless thought around that is something like, “I’m going to be rich.” This places the outcome you want squarely in the future—where it will, sadly, stay.

2.  Set your intentions. You don’t have to know the mechanics of how it will all work out (author and manifestor extraordinaire Mike Dooley calls this worrying about “the cursed hows”), but you do need to totally and completely hold the firm intention to receive and experience what you want. That means no second-guessing, no waffling, no worrying, no icky sticky feelings of “undeservingness” creeping about. You want this; you’ve got this.

3.  Believe you already have it: fully immerse yourself in the emotions of how right it feels when your dreams are your reality. This might look like bathing in the satisfaction, joy, exhilaration, and gratitude of how having what you want feels in your heart, in your body, in your energetic field. Raising your own vibration so that it vibrates with that which you are attracting is where the magic is, baby.

Some people recommend “acting as if,” and that’s fine, as long as that doesn’t mean going into major debt spending money you don’t in fact have, or running down the highway pretending you’re driving that Alfa Romeo you don’t actually own.  A great example is a woman we know who wanted to attract a solid, romantic relationship in her life.  So she cleared out half the closet, emptied one of the bedside tables, made space in her dressers and in the medicine chest, and slept on one side of the bed. She created the intention—and therefore the space—for what she wanted. Do we even have to tell you that it worked?

4.  Bring what you want into your experience by paying attention to the inspired actions that come up for you.  By inspired, we mean that the action feels like a natural outgrowth of having what you want; it feels good and right to do. Action alone—busy work, task lists, going through the motions—isn’t going to get the job done. It is only in taking those actions inspired by your visions, beliefs and intentions that you will truly have exactly what you want in your life.

5.  Finally, be open to how the universe brings you what you want, and be willing to receive it. For many of us, this is harder than it sounds. You might have visualized and set the intention for a new job, but instead you find yourself laid off from your current one and enrolled in grad school.  What the what?!  You may visualize the love of your life, but the guy who shows up, while thoroughly wonderful, is four inches shorter than you thought he’d be. Sometimes the road doesn’t look like we think it’s “supposed” to, and sometimes we get so lost in our “shoulds” that we don’t recognize the universe presenting us with what we asked for on a silver platter.

Those riches we wanted may come in the form of more responsibilities at work, or an insurance check from an accident, or any number of ways other than you might have imagined.

That guy who shows up because your mail accidentally just got delivered to his house might not look like Colin Farrell even one bit—but he may be perfect for you.  That woman at the bank who just goofed up your wire transfer and is currently annoying the heck out of you may turn out to be the love of your life.

Bottom line?  Life—your life, our lives—is simply a game. And you are the only one who gets to make up the rules and decide what “winning” looks like. So shuffle your cards, roll the dice, flick that little spinner with your forefinger and thumb—and get ready for the life of your dreams.

Check out our V.I.B.E. System of online tools that are designed to support you in getting every single thing you want out of (and into) your life.  Beta version special offer:  the next 100 members get grandfathered in at our low introductory monthly rate!



How To Feel Better In Just 5 Minutes!

Sometimes it is really hard to relax! It can feel challenging to stay present in the moment, and enjoy what is happening now. Often our moods get the better of us and we end up feeling bad despite our best efforts to be calm, relaxed and happy. It just isn’t happening.

There are so many outside influences in our hectic modern day world that cause us to rush, and to feel tight and stressed. We hold tension in our muscles and bodies, many of us without really being aware of it! And so often we are in our heads worrying about the future or the past, and all this can just make us feel terrible sometimes. Grouchy, tight, tired. The energy is stuck.

Often we know the importance of relaxing, we may even take steps to relax. And sometimes all the candle lit baths and gentle, realxing walks in the world don’t make a difference, IF our minds are still busy and are bodies are still tense! Until we get into the right mind set AND begin to relax our bodies, we will stay stuck in this tight, tense feeling place.

In this short video, Leo Barbuta of talks about the art of relaxing the mind and body, and tells us how we can use his technique to release stress and feel better in just 5 minutes.

Click the video above to listen to Leo, and ENJOY!