Are you ready and willing to HAVE IT ALL?
“V.I.B.E. parties are so much fun. Great people. Love the
community and connection you created in a variety of ways.
Exercises were fine and I felt a raised vibration just entering
the space. Thank you, I love this!” - Maureen, Chandler, AZ
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Are you ready and willing to HAVE IT ALL?
“My purpose has been my purpose all along, I just didn’t realize it.
I am overjoyed to realize that my purpose is to create unconditionally
loving relationships where freedom, full self expression and
connectedness are present!” - Brett, Phoenix, AZ
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Are you ready and willing to HAVE IT ALL?
“In the Raised Vibration workshop, I gained a new space that
calls me to fill it with beauty. It is like being gifted a new life.
The staff led me through the process in a fun, natural way.
Thank you.” - Willy, Phoenix, AZ
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Learn About the Pay it Forward Program

We see it often during the holiday season. You are in line to get a coffee at Starbucks and as you get to the window, you find out that the person in front of you paid for your coffee. You in turn pay for the person behind you. We call that “paying it forward.”
We know the experience we have when we find out someone did that for us and we know the experience we have when we can do the same for someone else. 

The Wishes Fulfilled Award Fund

Three times a year, in April, August & December we take 10% of the company’s top line revenues generated in the previous 3-month period, and award it to ONE amazing winner who has entered a WISH to be fulfilled!

We give current and past members the opportunity to contribute to this scholarship fund to further support someone in fulfilling their wish, want and/or desire.

Become a Certified V.I.B.E. Partner

At Raised Vibration, our belief is that there is no greater gift than the gift of being of service. Our members are frequently looking for someone to talk to or get some information about the online suite of tools or information about an upcoming event.

If you have an interest in becoming a certified V.I.B.E. Partner, contact one of the Raised Vibration coaches or V.I.B.E. Partners to start the conversation.

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Are you ready and willing to have it all? We are creating a sacred space for those of you who are ready to take on your biggest visions and wildest dreams. This is all about YOU and about creating everything and anything your heart desires together over the next 52 weeks and beyond.

The game is on and that game is YOUR game Let’s play!

The V.I.B.E. System Defined

Take a close look at the V.I.B.E. System and learn all about the features, benefits, statistics, testimonials and more!

The Raised Vibration collection of life purpose tools, a.k.a. “The V.I.B.E. System,” is designed to support you in creating magic and miracles in every area of your life—not just the parts that are easy.

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