About Raised Vibration

Raised Vibration is an idea that’s been tapping its foot, just waiting to be born.

And it’s BIG, this idea, as big as all humankind. Raised Vibration was created around the concept that bringing people together in celebration and appreciation of life actually raises global awareness, energy, consciousness and happiness. By individually raising our vibration and sharing that experience with others, we raise the vibration of the whole planet! Uh-oh. What might happen when everyone, everywhere, shares their bliss? Now you know we’re trouble-makers. And joy-makers. And especially change-makers!

Bottom line: we truly believe that who you are, what you are doing and how you feel as an individual makes a significant difference for everyone as a whole.

That’s why Raised Vibration is a place where we can share our high-vibing journey with a community of like minded people and, together, elevate the human spirit. It’s a place where people who are living a life they love can help others do the same. It’s a place where people who want to love their lives can learn how to make that happen.

It’s also a place where those extraordinary people who understand–really get–that life is a game can come together in both independent and shared activity, in conversation and connection, to remember and become inspired by how amazing we really all are.

You matter. What you are up to matters. How you feel matters. And being a part of the revolution to raise the vibration of humanity matters most of all. That revolution begins with you.

So join the revolution to RAISE the VIBRATION today!

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