V.I.B.E System Mobile App

The VIBE System application of mobile-based tools is designed to bring your level of self-awareness and your ability to manifest your visions and dreams into reality to new heights.

It has been said that like attracts like, and everything in your life is a product of not only what you think about, but also your attitude and the feelings you experience about the life you have. The VIBE System application allows you to rate your VIBE as frequently as you like so you can see exactly how you are VIBING on a regular basis.

It also has an electronic journaling feature that allows you access to your journal anywhere, at anytime so you can capture any and all thoughts, feelings and actions that are at the heart of who you are, what you are thinking about, and what you want to create and manifest in life.

There is a guided meditation feature that allows you access to guided meditations on the go. These meditations are designed to bring you back to your center, and to fill you with peace, passion and purpose.

And if you are using the Raised Vibration V.I.B.E. Board collage platform, you will have all of your vision and dream boards right at your fingertips to keep your visualizations right in front of you on your mobile device.

Setup your FREE account here to be able to access the free mobile app features which include rating your VIBE, Journaling and the Guided Meditation Library. And if that weren’t cool enough, once you have created a V.I.B.E. Board in your personal V.I.B.E. Board collage platform, you can view them from your mobile phone on the go.

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