Wishes Fulfilled Award Fund WINNER!

There is NO SUCH thing as too much of good thing, and we here at Raised Vibration believe in creating a world where people can come together and support one another in creating, manifesting and truly LIVING lives they LOVE!

Here at Raised Vibration we have assembled all the components you will ever need to turn your wishes, hopes and dreams into reality. We are committed to turning wishFUL thinking into WISH FULFILLED thinking all around the world!

HERE is how our WISHES-FULFILLED Award Fund works:

Three times a year, in April, August & December we take 10% of the company’s top line revenues generated in the previous 3-month period, and award it to ONE amazing winner who has entered a WISH to be fulfilled!

We give current and past members the opportunity to contribute to this scholarship fund to further support someone in fulfilling their wish, want and/or desire.

Requirements for Participation:

  1. You must be a current Raised Vibration member in good standing, and have completed at least one 3-month program to be eligible to submit a WISH form that will be considered for receiving the Wishes Fulfilled Award Fund, which will be awarded at the Celebration Party.
  2. All WISHES received by the deadline will be placed in a random drawing, where 3 wishes will be pulled and shared for all present parties to cast their anonymous VOTE on their favorite WISH to be coined the WINNER of the Wishes Fulfilled Award Fund.
  3. The winner of the Wishes Fulfilled Award Fund will be announced at the upcoming graduation celebration party. (April, August or December)
  4. We are currently accepting wishes from the Celebration Party happening December 10th, 2016.
  5. The deadline for wishes to be voted upon is midnight, the night before the date of the upcoming graduation celebration party.
  6. All wishes will be put into a random drawing and 3 people will be selected to present their wish LIVE at the graduation celebration.
  7. One wish per person will be accepted.
  8. Wish submitters need NOT be present to win.

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Wishes Fulfilled WISH Submission Form

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