The Island of Transformation is Calling You, Are You Ready?

Take a moment, focus your energy and move forward from your place of power.

Mark your calendar and join Dian Daniel and Robin Patino for an all inclusive retreat to Mallorca, Spain.
November 1st – 8th, 2014.
We are headed to a beautiful Island in the Mediterranean and we want you there with us.
This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity to experience one of the most sacred islands in the world. Known as The Island of Transformation.

Using the energy of the Winter Solstice, the full moon and numerous historical high-frequency energetic sites, we have put together a trip that will transcend you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our intention is that this experience will bring you profound peace, clarity of who you truly are, and will set you up powerfully for the coming year and beyond.

Everything at its finest is within reach. From the mountains to the sea, you will feel the magic all around you.

The itinerary is filled with amazing events and opportunities to sooth you and elevate your vibration from the inside out.

Offerings included but not limited to:

Yin & Restorative Yoga
Meditation (walking, sitting & Yoga Nidra)
Sacred site tours
Relaxation & healing
Healthy, local organic cuisine
Sacred Geometry
Meet like minded people
Fun & adventure

And the most important offering of all, is the opportunity to charge up your internal resources. Now, more than ever, the WORLD needs you at your most powerful Self.

You won’t want to miss this, and we are excited to share this experience with YOU!

Dian & Robin


Healthy Vibrant Eating Will Raise Your Vibe


MP900177958How much attention do you pay to what you eat? Perhaps you know that healthy eating is good, or that it’s important to eat fruits and veggies, but have you ever thought about how what you eat may also affect the results that you get in your life? Or how it might be affecting how you feel?

Perhaps you are someone who’s really careful about what you eat, but even so, you may not have thought deeply about what healthily eating really means and why some foods are healthy and some less good for us.  Is it just the type of food we eat? What about how it’s grown or produced, where it comes from, and the energy that went into making it? Do you think these have an effect on the quality of the food and does this in turn affect the energy it will give to you? Remember food is energy, so the quality of the food we put into our bodies will affect the level at which we vibrate.

Have you ever noticed how mass produced food NEVER seems to taste as good as lovingly prepared home-cooked food, no matter how much salt, sugar and MSG they add? Why do you think this is? What about the freshness of the food? We know that produce begins to break down and lose nutrients as soon as it is picked. Many people swear by juicing, and that’s because you get all the lovely nutrition and enzymes from the plant while it is still fresh.

In terms of energy, we suggest that food that’s fresh and closest to its natural form contains the highest vibrational energy. Put another way, this type of food would be the most energy-dense, not in terms of calories, but in terms of the quality of the energy that food could pass to you. Food IS energy.  Fresh food such as fruit, vegetables, raw yogurt, nuts and organic, humanely raised meat are the highest vibrating types of food, followed by whole foods such as rice, beans and pulses, which of course aren’t “live” in the traditional sense but are still quite natural.  Bottom of the rung?  Junk and processed foods, which vibrate at a much lower level and have a different type of energy. How do you feel after you eat different types of food?

You may have heard the expression, “Eat a rainbow.”  This means eating produce in a wide range of colors, and ensures that you get all the varied vitamins and minerals that fruits and vegetables have to offer. Each piece of fresh food that we eat will give us unique energy and nutrients. Just as your surroundings and your emotions and mental state all affect your well-being and energy levels, so does the food you eat. It’s your fuel.

There are arguments on both sides about whether it’s healthier to be vegetarian or not. If you are a meat eater, does it make a difference to you how the animal was raised, and even how it was slaughtered? Many people believe that this has an impact on the energy within the food. Remember that EVERYTHING is made of energy, so if you’re spending time meditating, visualizing and raising your vibe in other ways, don’t neglect the food that you eat! You wouldn’t put sub-par fuel in your car, so why would you do it to yourself?  Choosing fresh, wholesome, live foods as much as possible raised your vibration and helps nourish you and boost your energy.

A a fruit tree looks “dead” in the winter and its first buds in the spring look tightly closed–even wary of growing. But continued nourishment from sun and water will raise ITS vibration, gently encouraging the fruit to swell and ripen. It grows into its full potential.  Eat its fruit, and so will you.