Doubts About The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction (LOA) –

Despite the fact that it is based on a fairly simple concept, this universal law is the one that people seem to struggle with the most, out of all the spiritual laws.

I understand this, it took me a while to grasp it too!

Simply put the LOA states that what you think about and focus on grows, and you get more of it, whether it is good or bad. You literally attract in more of whatever it is you are thinking about, feeling and giving energy to. All these elements together (thoughts, feelings and focus) make up ‘your vibration’.

Some of the difficulty people have when they first learn about this law stems from questions like:

‘Well how about children who are ill, did they attract this in to themselves?’


‘What about world hunger, starvation and poverty’.

These questions can feel a little uncomfortable when applied to LOA. Esther (Abraham) Hicks explain it really well, basically indicating that the way we view things, from our limited human perspective where we always label things as good or bad, means that we view them differently from how the Source/God/The Universe experiences them, and that we cannot comprehend these issues fully with our human minds, perspectives and senses. In reality they are just experiences, neither good nor bad. It is we who give meaning to them, and that is as it should be on this physical, earthly plane.

There is the idea that each being here on earth chose exactly what they wanted to experience on this physical plane, because it was the perfect experience that would allow that celestial being to develop in the way it required and desired to develop. There is also the theory that parents can attract in for their children. ‘A Course In Miracles’ also helps us to understand these concepts better.

So should we simply not care about the people going hungry? Or the sick children? No, we must always care. However we can learn to judge the situation less and focus on the positive. Asking – what can be done to help? What is the SOLUTION? And what is the silver lining? This is how we help because it moves the focus forward into a more positive light whilst still acknowledging the problem.

This video from Oprah can really help you to understand LOA, if you are struggling with it or having doubts.

Enjoy – and remember – it is all a big game – the game of life!


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