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Written Testimonials

  • Amber Duckworth, Texas

    “Raised Vibration has given me the tools to create what I want to show up in my life. I added tasks like “new job search,” with future dates like “get a job offer,” “give my 2-week notice,” “start a new job that is the perfect fit.” All of these things showed up in my life. I started a new job that I love within a few days of the date I chose on my calendar. This is a powerful tool.”

  • Paul Martin, Colorado

    “I’ve lost 16 pounds over the past 10 weeks since becoming a V.I.B.E. member and active user and have never seen that dramatic of a difference in my weight loss efforts before. I think the real key was using the Life Purpose tools to document my health as the most important priority in my life and giving myself just 3 months to do it. After all, I can only accomplish anything else in my life if I’m alive. Once I realized that, the rest was easy. My immediate goal was met ahead of time and now I’ve used the system to create new healthy goals and journal the results along the way. The more I use it, the more I want to use it! The only question I have is where were you 10 years ago?”

  • Susan Lee, Colorado

    “Since joining Raised Vibration in November, I’ve not only completed my first book that was buried inside me for 10 years, but just launched my SECOND book! Both are selling on Amazon just like I planned in the Intentions and Declarations area. Only five months later and book #3 is already in the works! RV was the missing component I needed to see my ideas were possible and that I could complete them too.”

  • Marty Dickinson, Colorado

    “I desperately needed a new car and put off buying one for a long time due to finances. While just playing around in the V.I.B.E. system as I was getting used to its features on day 1 of my membership, I gave the Want Form a try and used the Let the System Help feature to help me answer some questions about what I really wanted in a car. The very next day, I was driving out of the parking lot of a car dealership in a new car with the exact features I described . . . and I could even afford it!”

  • Masumi Iida, Arizona

    “I was going back to my 21 Wishes Fulfilled list that I had come up with in February, and most of them were not very inspirational . . . but two of them had a date I assigned. The date was April 2, 2013. Both of them came true ON April 2, 2013!!”Masumi Iida, Arizona

  • Joel B., Arizona

    “The Mobile App has great tools that allow me to create my visions and goals for 1, 3, 5, 10 years from now. I can rate my V.I.B.E. and check in frequently and keep track of my V.I.B.E. as my day goes on. I particularly enjoy the guided meditations. Having them at my fingertips allows me to meditate anytime and anywhere. And the ability to make a V.I.B.E. board and pictorially create what I am up to is fun and easy to do! Kudos to a GREAT APP!”

  • Maggie McReynolds, Colorado

    “Already, the V.I.B.E. tools have made a huge difference in my life. This weekend, I knocked out every single thing on my action list–and I never do that. I mean, I’ve tried so many kinds of to-do lists and reminders, and this NEVER happens, but it did yesterday and today! I am totally on track making BIG and little changes in my life, and, well–the teacher comes when the student is ready, right? There is nothing really on the site that I didn’t already know, but you’ve done a brilliant job of putting it all in one place, as you well know. It’s easy, it’s accessible, it’s got flow, it’s got good energy. I LOVE IT.”

  • Maureen, Chandler, AZ

    “V.I.B.E. parties are so much fun. Great people. Love the community and connection you created in a variety of ways. Exercises were fine and I felt a raised vibration just entering the space. Thank you, I love this!”

  • Sharon, Phoenix, AZ

    “As always a heartfelt evening with amazing people at your V.I.B.E. parties. Just need to get the word out. I love that you are taking it to the world now. Love you and can’t wait to see explosion.”

  • Ray, Phoenix, AZ

    “V.I.B.E. parties are the highlight of my month. I get more out of three hours then I have gotten out of some week long courses. Thank you Raised Vibration!”

  • Melisa, Chandler, AZ

    “This play shop let me see the me that I thought I lost, hear the voices of my muse calling out to me and feel the passion of my purpose begin to burn deep. I learned to take life into my hands and mold it from my dreams into every aspect of my life. This life is your oyster let them help you open up to the pearl waiting inside.”

  • Brett, Phoenix, AZ

    “My purpose has been my purpose all along, I just didn’t realize it. I am overjoyed to realize that my purpose is to create unconditionally loving relationships where freedom, full self expression and connectedness are present!”

  • Lisa, New York, NY

    “I feel since taking the “Owning My Purpose” workshop this weekend.   That’s huge!   I feel my purpose instead of think about my purpose in life.   When you get it in your gut, the things to do are effortless and I’m so excited to go home and live daily my purpose on the planet; Joyfully leading and inspiring people through song, play, fun and nature.”

  • Emily, Phoenix, AZ

    “For the first time in my life, I actually felt freed up to really be me no matter what context I was in.   I see now how our moods, feelings and energies are just vibrations and at any moment I have the capacity to shift my vibration. I not only defined my purpose, but I AM OWNING IT!   Owning my purpose now gives me the permission to be exactly who I am with joy and fun!   RV helped me to connect more profoundly to my innate ability to create and to communicate with the universe.”

  • Ayodele, New York, NY

    “If you have been looking, searching for your purpose in life, the Raised Vibration “Owning My Purpose” workshop is a way to discover your purpose in life with ease and lots of fun.   You will have a rocking good time!”

  • Willy, Phoenix, AZ

    “In the Raised Vibration workshop, I gained a new space that calls me to fill it with beauty.   It is like being gifted a new life.   The staff led me through the process in a fun, natural way.   Thank you.”

  • Kesha, Tucson, AZ

    “I was able to put into words what has been tugging at my coat tail for years . . . the true reason I exist.   Not what someone else has told me or suggested, my words, my expression.   The world that has opened up to me since is truly magnificent.”

  • Paula, Rock Island, IL

    “Creating, in reality, the work I was born to do.   Seeing the natural me.   Having the tools to raise my personal vibration and impact others.   All of these are the magnificent gift of this work.”

  • Kim, Tucson, AZ

    “I finally feel excited to live life again, which I haven’t felt in a very long time.   I learned so much in the course, not only from the course leaders, but also from being with the participants in the course.   My energy level is so high because I’m operating from my life purpose that was created from a connection to the Divine.”

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