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Where Do You Feel That Emotion In Your Body?

This is a fabulous chart and article from Discover Magazine. We often talk about how we are feeling, and seldom do we take the time to really identify where that feeling resides in our body. Why would we want to know this? By being able to connect the thought pattern with the feeling, and then […]

How To Allow Happiness

  Do You Know How To Be Happy? We all say that we want happiness, and many of us have done the work and written out detailed lists of our desires and plans for the months and years ahead, especially if you are working with the VIBE system tools, so what about when those  desires […]

Totally Free MEME Maker

Give the new and totally free MEME Maker a whirl at RaisedVibration.com/vibenow. It’s easy to create your own meme images and meme photos and then upload them to facebook or download them to your computer for use in any situation you want. If you haven’t officially heard the term “meme,” you’ve probably seen those silly, […]