Life is Full of Adventures. Let’s Share One!

We are off to Mallorca, Spain to recharge, gain clarity, remove blocks, and move forward in our lives from a new place of power.

Our dates or set for November 1st – 8th, 2014 on the Island of Mallorca, Spain. The sacred grounds we will call “home” for this special week are nestled high above the Port of Soller, on the North-West coast of Mallorca.

Cas Bernats is a 16th century Finca, brought back from ruin in 1984, with all the modern amenities added. The owners took great care in maintaining the rustic, authentic charm and character that gives this Finca tons of personality.

The unique environment we have selected for our sacred space offers a deep experience of the crystal clear air, the majestic views of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, and the magic of the ancient wisdom that has been here before us.

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The Island of Transformation is Calling You, Are You Ready?

Take a moment, focus your energy and move forward from your place of power.

Mark your calendar and join Dian Daniel and Robin Patino for an all inclusive retreat to Mallorca, Spain.
November 1st – 8th, 2014.
We are headed to a beautiful Island in the Mediterranean and we want you there with us.
This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity to experience one of the most sacred islands in the world. Known as The Island of Transformation.

Using the energy of the Winter Solstice, the full moon and numerous historical high-frequency energetic sites, we have put together a trip that will transcend you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our intention is that this experience will bring you profound peace, clarity of who you truly are, and will set you up powerfully for the coming year and beyond.

Everything at its finest is within reach. From the mountains to the sea, you will feel the magic all around you.

The itinerary is filled with amazing events and opportunities to sooth you and elevate your vibration from the inside out.

Offerings included but not limited to:

Yin & Restorative Yoga
Meditation (walking, sitting & Yoga Nidra)
Sacred site tours
Relaxation & healing
Healthy, local organic cuisine
Sacred Geometry
Meet like minded people
Fun & adventure

And the most important offering of all, is the opportunity to charge up your internal resources. Now, more than ever, the WORLD needs you at your most powerful Self.

You won’t want to miss this, and we are excited to share this experience with YOU!

Dian & Robin


Top 12 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

We all talk a lot about ‘raising our vibration’ but how do we actually do this in practice?

First, it’s important to look at WHY you want to raise your vibration. If you are unclear about your big ‘why’ it is unlikely that you will be successful in doing it. For most people increasing your vibration is to improve your life. It is to create more and better energy so that you might attract in more opportunities and better circumstances which are more in alignment with your desires. This will only work if you know exactly what your desires are. Use the VIBE tools to get clear on this. Get crystal clear on your own big why.

So how do you know what level you are vibrating at anyway? Well our circumstances don’t lie. If you want to know how your vibration is take a look at your own circumstances, i.e. what you have already created in your life. Is it what you want? The law of attraction says we ALWAYS create in alignment with the vibration we are putting out. However don’t feel disheartened if your circumstances are not ideal. It is helpful to accept that some ‘contrast’ in the form of what we don’t want is really useful in helping us to get clear on what we do want. And our circumstances are always a snapshot of our previous thoughts, because thoughts become things. Meaning that there is a time delay between what we ‘think’ about and it manifesting. So what you are seeing today is a snapshot of your previous thoughts and feelings. This is GREAT NEWS because it means that if you think happy thoughts today you will get happy circumstances tomorrow (or sometime soon).

Therefore what you ‘think’ is important, and so too is what you ‘feel’. Your emotions have vibrations too, and this is what you put out into the world. What we put out we get back. And we here at Raised Vibration take thing a step further by using four key practices together (V.I.B.E. Visualization, Intending, Believing, Experiencing) to cause major reality shifts as swiftly as possible.

So all that said what can we do practically to raise our vibration and feel better on a daily basis? Here is a list of some of our favorite ways. Stay tuned for our “101 Ways to Raise Your Vibration” e-book that is almost ready for primetime. Signup Here to reserve a free copy.

  1. Dancing – Salsa, Zumba, Tap, La Roque or just dancing around your living room. Any kind of dancing that gets your energy flowing and makes you feel good will do it.
  2. Meditating – Meditating is essential for connecting to source and for inner peace/wellbeing. If practiced regularly it can help you to feel calmer, better connected and it will increase your vibe.
  3. Journaling – Journaling is a great way to process your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Even if some of what comes out seems ‘negative’, often just the process of getting it out and onto paper can make you feel better.
  4. Cuddling –  Cuddling your partner, your mother, your friend, your pet. Cuddling anyone really. Cuddling and touch release Oxytocin, a ‘feel good’ bonding hormone. The same affect can be achieved by stroking your dog or cat. In fact stroking your dog or cat has also been shown to have a calming affect and reduce blood pressure.
  5. Movement/Exercise – Moving your body releases the feel good hormone Seratonin and also boosts those lovely Endorphins. This can bring you a natural high. It is important to choose a type of exercise that you enjoy.
  6. Breathing – Breathing is vital to life and when we are stressed we do not breath properly – our breathing actually becomes shallow and so we don’t get the nourishing oxygen fully into our system. There is an age old saying which is simply ‘breath’ when things become overwhelming. There is wisdom behind this saying. Breathing properly can slow the heart rate, get oxygen around the system more effectively to the heart, muscles, lungs and brain, and help reduce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. It can help us to feel more focused and energized. There are plenty of breathing exercises available to learn. Google it and see what comes up.
  7. Listening to your favorite music – a few minutes of your favorite uplifting tunes can do wonders to lift your vibe. Preferably something with a beat because it also appeals to our tribal roots and that primal part of the brain responsible for recognizing rhythms.
  8. Walking in nature – Nature has it’s own energy. It would be hard for anyone to walk in a beautiful, lush forest or climb a mountain and not feel energized. Having said that if you don’t have time to climb a mountain today a walk in the park will do!
  9. Listening to your favorite Self Help Guru – Sometimes despite all our efforts we still feel low energy. Often the thing that can pull us up out of our funk is listening to a  Self Help Guru whom we find inspiring. We like Abraham Hicks, however anyone who you find motivating will do the trick. You can use Youtube if you don’t have any of their stuff readily available.
  10. Preparing/eating a nourishing meal – For some people cooking is a way to unwind in itself. However even if you don’t enjoy cooking we can all benefit from a nourishing meal. Food has it’s own energy. Fresh, living food such as organic fruit and vegetables are the best for when you need some serious lifting. Although any food you enjoy has the potential to make you feel good. Try blessing the food before you eat it for an extra infusion of love and energy.
  11. A day at the spa – Who wouldn’t feel energized from a day at the spa? Choose treatments that appeal to you.
  12. A massage – Have a massage or any kind of bodywork that makes you feel uplifted. An aromatherapy massage can feel really good because you can choose oils whose properties are uplifting. You can either have a massage from a professional or ask your partner for a budget friendly option.

We would love to hear from you. Share your top ways in which you lift your own vibration.

Rock Steady, Baby

Everyone’s got their own word for it. Aretha calls it “Rock Steady.” Someone else might call it “Euphoria.” Another might call it “Connected to the Universe.”  But whatever you call it, let’s call it what it is (what it is, what it is): the essence of you, humming and purring and your absolute highest.

How do you get there? Our V.I.B.E. online tools are exactly about helping you do just that. For some people, it’s playing with visualizing in all its forms: drawing, writing, dreaming, meditating, talking. For others it’s getting into the inspired actions: doing stuff that is in total alignment with who we are and what we want, and it feels goooooood.

Some of us find our highest vibration in movement: yoga, running, surfing, or, like everyone on “Soul Train,” dancing.

Maybe your highest vibration can be found in connecting to others: volunteering, being of service, or simply creating and collaborating and having a wonderful, magical time in community.

Only you know your most essential, deleriously happy, euphoric self. Only you can know what gets you there. And if you’re not sure, the tools at http://raisedvibration are a great place to start.

In the meantime, turn your computer speakers up a little higher. Clear the floor. Move your hips from side to side.

You sure you haven’t done this before? : )

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Actually, it would be more accurate to say “open yourself to the love in your heart.” Because it’s in there, baby, no matter how bruised and battered you may feel from an outside blow. It’s there even when your heart feels closed as tight and unforgiving as a fist.

308077_4778243648928_432870953_nMost of us “close” our hearts out of fear, out of wanting to protect ourselves from pain. But in that closure, it’s not just pain we shut out–it’s, well, anything and everything. Joy. Excitement. Anticipation. Connection. Every  gift the Universe sends us.

When our hearts are closed, we don’t see any gifts anywhere. Or, if we do see them, we view them with suspicion or fear. It’s worth noting that some of the gifts the Universe sends our way can seem confusingly wrapped. They can look like amazing opportunities–and they can look like disappointments, stumbles and outright “no’s.” Consider: even what looks like a bag of dung can still fertilize and grow our dreams.

Ah, but when our hearts and minds are open, we can consider each person, each circumstance, each thing or event with fresh eyes and lack of judgment. What in the world could be good about a cancelled trip, a lost job, a loved one’s illness, the end of a relationship?

We’d love to tell you what could be good about each of those things, but honestly? We’d be guessing. Because the only person who can find the gift meant for you is, well, you.

We can give you examples: countless people we know who lost their jobs only to find their way to a better path, one more in alignment with the yearnings of their souls. Relationships that had run their course and from which both parties, once released, were able to grow. Trips that don’t materialize because the Universe had something better in store–or because something disastrous would have happened had the trip gone as planned. Illnesses that fulfilled that particular soul’s life purpose, and from which there were beautiful lessons to be learned.

But bottom line? Only you can choose to open your heart, and only you can find and feel the love intended for you in each and every outcome.

So, yes, go ahead, open up and indeed “put” a little love–the love that’s been waiting for you–in your heart. Let the love that lives inside you shine out, bright and clear and beautiful and strong.

And the world–your world–will be a better place. For you. And me. Just wait, and see.


How to Raise Your V.I.B.E. with Humor

Somewhere along the way, spirituality got a bad rap as being humorless.

Was it solemn-faced officiants of various churches? Earnest and relentless door-knocking evangelists? Perhaps the idea that spirituality can’t co-exist with being funny, irreverent and even outright silly is just a mass hallucination too many of us are captive to.

Well, snap out of it.

Everybody’s sense of humor is subjective and their own, so you might not actually find the above clip even slightly amusing. But that’s not the point. The point is to find your funny, whatever funny means to you. Because when you find your funny, you also find your feel-good. And when you find your feel-good, you raise your vibration. And when you raise your vibration. . . .

Well, we already know what happens after that, right? High vibration attracts its like. Synchronicities appear. Magic happens.

All because you watched kind of a dumb but inexplicably funny video of grown men making a mess with food and drinking out of sippie cups?

Hey, there are plenty of hard and rocky paths to enlightment. Why not try a gentler one instead?

Think You’re a Superstar? Well, Right You Are!

It’s hard to top John Lennon’s lyrics when it comes to writing a pithy post about “joining the human race,” “recognizing your brothers,” and “getting yourself together.” At the heart of this classic is his message, brought home in song after song after song: we are all superstars.  And we all shine on. Like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.

Raised Vibration is about nothing less than raising the vibration of the entire planet, one superstar human being at a time. We would be honored to have you join us.

How To Feel Better In Just 5 Minutes!

Sometimes it is really hard to relax! It can feel challenging to stay present in the moment, and enjoy what is happening now. Often our moods get the better of us and we end up feeling bad despite our best efforts to be calm, relaxed and happy. It just isn’t happening.

There are so many outside influences in our hectic modern day world that cause us to rush, and to feel tight and stressed. We hold tension in our muscles and bodies, many of us without really being aware of it! And so often we are in our heads worrying about the future or the past, and all this can just make us feel terrible sometimes. Grouchy, tight, tired. The energy is stuck.

Often we know the importance of relaxing, we may even take steps to relax. And sometimes all the candle lit baths and gentle, realxing walks in the world don’t make a difference, IF our minds are still busy and are bodies are still tense! Until we get into the right mind set AND begin to relax our bodies, we will stay stuck in this tight, tense feeling place.

In this short video, Leo Barbuta of talks about the art of relaxing the mind and body, and tells us how we can use his technique to release stress and feel better in just 5 minutes.

Click the video above to listen to Leo, and ENJOY!

Dancing with the Stars Champions have Raised Vibration

Dancing with the Stars Champions Secret to Success: VIBE High!


Guest Blog Post by: Susan Lee, Author

Dancing With the Stars Season 16 is half complete and people are already wondering who will go the distance and win the coveted Mirrror Ball Trophy. Whether the champion is Alli, Jacoby, Zendaya, Kelli, or one of the others, we are down to real contenders who are in it to win it.
The show is filled with excitement and entertainment every week, beautiful costumes and sets, and great dancing, of course. But, despite all the glitz and glamour, the road to a Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars is a long one for the wanna-be Champions and their pro partners.
What makes a Dancing With the Stars Champion? After loyally watching all 16 seasons, it is clear to me that most of the winners share a number of characteristics and qualities with the law of attraction principles. Here are 18 traits of a Dancing With the Stars Champion, and how they fit in with the principles of the law of attraction:

Principle #1: Ask

The first principle is critical in order to get a person up each day and working toward a goal. You have to know what you want and ask for it. Those celebrities that make it to the Dancing with the Stars finals know from day one the importance of asking for what they want.

  1. Definite Major Purpose – These winners don’t just go on the show hoping to have a good time or to learn a little more about dancing. The stars that make it to the final weeks are clear that the goal is to go all the way to the finals–and win! They are definite in their objective, and the result is success.

  2. Solid Reason Why They Want to Win – Those Dancing With the Stars contestants that survive the grueling practice schedule week after week have a strong will to win. It may be to overcome past demons, to rekindle a faltering career or even just to prove that they can, but regardless of what it is, these successful stars are crystal clear as to why they want it.

  3. They Have a Commitment to Win – Zig Ziglar said that “a person who has a commitment toward a goal looks for a solution when everything hits the wall,” (which it almost always does on Dancing With the Stars). If there is no commitment, they just look for a way to get out.

  4. They Set Smaller Goals – In addition to their ultimate goal to win the Mirror Ball trophy, successful Dancing With the Stars Challengers set smaller goals for improvement each week along the way. They know that no one reaches the finish line only by wishing, and hoping, but if you have short term objectives and reach them one at a time, you will go far on the show.


Principle #2: Believe

Asking for what you want is one thing, but harder still is reaching a goal if you have negative resistance because you don’t believe you can achieve it. The next few traits of the dancing celebs demonstrate their total belief and confidence in their direction.

  1. Confidence – Dancing With the Stars winners have confidence that they have what it takes to go the distance. While dancing talent has something to do with it, the real winners have an inner spirit that allows them to step out of their comfort zone and try new and sometimes frightening things. From that positive mindset, belief is born.

  2. Visualize Success – Successful Dancing With the Stars contestants visualize their success. As clear as day, they can see themselves having successful practice sessions each day, completing their dance routines flawlessly each week and happily hoisting the Mirror Ball trophy up in the air at the end of the final broadcast.

  3. Use Their Words to Create Their Belief – Rarely do you see a contestant who says things like “I hope we make it,” or “I’m just happy to have made it this far,” competing in the final weeks of the competition. These kind of words allow an escape. Successful Dancing With the Stars Challengers always speak affirmatively, such as “next week I want to work on…” or “I can’t wait to get working on my routine for next week.”

  4. Capitalize On Emotion – Successful candidates are not afraid to tune into and use their emotions. Because emotions are so powerful, they are excellent catalysts to anchor successful visualization. So first they see what they want to achieve, then they feel it – through humor, passion, playfulness, and even anxiety. The result–it becomes real to them, and they believe it even more strongly.


Principle #3: Act

After you are clear in what you want, and believe in your heart you can do it, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start getting the job done.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice – It’s no wonder that professional athletes so often make it to the final weeks of Dancing with the Stars, because nothing takes the place of good old fashioned practice. In the feature clips, you rarely see the top contenders trying to fit in other life obligations. When it’s time to practice, they roll up their leg warmers and get busy.

  2. Make the Time – The plain and simple truth is that success takes time. The most successful make sure there is adequate time to get the job done.

  3. Active Participation is critical – It is not enough just to show up and do what you are told. The most successful contestants are fully engaged and participate in the planning and choreography of each dance.


Principle #4: Allow

Regardless of how much you “ask,” “believe,” and “act,”, the law of attraction can be defeated if you aren’t able to allow what you desire into your life. Many things can hold us back from allowing, but we can learn a lot from the successful Dancing With the Stars champions.
Persistence is critical, and you will see the winning couples working certain difficult dance moves over and over again, until they become second nature to the star. Everything is odd and difficult at first, but if you are able to persist through the discomfort, you can achieve your goals.

  1. Patience – At the same time, the most successful stars are able to be patient with themselves, and with their coaches. Working toward any intense goal will create high emotions and can easily lead to impatience and frustration. The highest achievers have the ability to temper those strong feelings with good humor and understanding.

  2. Don’t Believe the Stories of Why You “Can’t” – Dancing With the Stars Champions know that doubt and worry are inevitable, but not in charge. There are bound to be moments of self doubt and fear when striving for any big goal. But the successful contestants are able to work through those fears quickly and press on to the end.

  3. Use Criticism to Your Advantage – Everyone has two options when faced with criticism–to complain and whine over how unfair it is, or to glean the truths out of the criticism and use those truths to improve your performance. Most of the Dancing With the Stars contestants that choose the former are eliminated long before finals week. The champions take the second choice.

  4. Be Confident in Your Resources – The most competitive contestants are sure of their resources, particularly the expertise of their professional coach. You rarely see the highest competitors arguing with their coach or questioning a suggested move. This allows the pro more creative leverage to showcase the star’s unique qualities.


Principle #5: Receive

The end goal, of course, is to reach your objective. So the final principle, receive, may seem a bit anti-climatic. After all, if you have believed enough, you have already visualized the moment many times in your mind. What makes the end worth the effort lies in the way you receive.

  1. Be Thankful – Those contestants who make it the farthest demonstrate extreme thankfulness. They are grateful for the support they receive from their family, fellow contestants, fans, and their professional coach. They are grateful for the physical benefits the experience gave them and the lessons they learned along the way. Never do you hear a contestant who made it far say anything but good things about their participation in the show.

  2. Always Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude – Probably all the other characteristics described here can be summed up in the fact that Dancing With the Stars champions have a relentless Positive Mental Attitude. Negative vibrations are banished quickly and re-evaluated to find the positive lesson from the situation. In this way, the law of attraction is given a fertile field in which to work. That is the way Dancing With the Stars Champions are made!

More than just a fun show to watch, Dancing with the Stars can teach us some real lessons as to how we can achieve our dreams and goals. But, without the full resources of ABC TV and the Dancing With the Stars machine behind us, it can often seem daunting to follow those principles.
I have discovered that the more positive ways I can record and track my progress, the easier it becomes to stick with my goals over the long haul. More positive vibrations in my life over negative ones helps keep me on track and I used the tools created by to do it. Through, I am able to build and give voice to my dreams, set solid goals for achieving them and use a number of visualizing techniques, including their popular and fun V.I.B.E. Board.
While my dreams don’t often include Ballroom Dancing on national TV, I can commit to the same principles used by Dancing With the Stars Champions. By doing that, I can shoot for the moon! And, as Les Brown has said, when I do that, I’m bound to “end up among the stars.”
– – – – – – – – – –
Susan Lee is a wife, mother, business professional, and author of God’s Law of Attraction. She has been an active member of RaisedVibration since November of 2012.