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Keeping Your Vibe High During Challenging Times

It’s easy to create a high vibration for yourself when things are going well. However it becomes more tricky when we experience challenging circumstances in our lives. When difficult situations come up and we feel as though we are being tested all the good work can come crashing down and we find ourselves in the […]

Top 12 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

We all talk a lot about ‘raising our vibration’ but how do we actually do this in practice? First, it’s important to look at WHY you want to raise your vibration. If you are unclear about your big ‘why’ it is unlikely that you will be successful in doing it. For most people increasing your […]

Field of Dreams

Probably the most iconic line in Kevin Costner’s elegy to baseball, salvation and to magical manifestation is “Build it, and they will come.” In fact, it’s become so iconic, it’s become ironic–an overused punchline that turns up mostly these days in stand-up routines and TV commercials. But let’s try to see the belief anew, with […]

The Universe Is Not Your Fairy Godmother

Are you waiting for a hero, in a line from another “Shrek” song?  Or are you, perhaps, waiting for a fairy godmother/aka the Universe to “make” your dreams and wishes come true? Sweetheart. It’s not going to work, except perhaps by pure dumb accident. Manifesting is about way more than having dreams and making wishes–although […]

The Power of Allowing

If you’re at all self-aware (or even if you just glance at magazine covers in waiting rooms), you’ve seen tons of articles about the power of positive thinking, the importance of acting as if you already have/are what you want, the science of happiness, and the Tao of Pooh. If you’re like us, you live […]

Under a Tuscan Moon

Some of us stand at night looking up at the heavens and feel humbled and tiny and insignificant. Some of us feel connected to all that is and feel a sense of expanded consciousness, as if there were literally more space between our cells. None of us are “wrong.” Being in vastness, whether that’s under […]

Back in the Saddle Again

Summer is winding down. Cooler temps, crisp leaves and brand new boxes of crayons are just around the corner. Some of us get excited about this time of year. It’s fresh-start territory, a chance to begin again with a cleared desk, a clean slate and all the possibilities of reinvention and renewal laid out like […]

How to Get Lucky

Now just stop that. This is a PG-rated blog. Are some people just born lucky? Don’t you believe it. While someone may be born into favorable circumstance, the real truth is that wealth, brilliance, good looks and fame have never been indicators in and of themselves of true happiness. Just read the nearest celebrity tabloid […]