Top 12 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

We all talk a lot about ‘raising our vibration’ but how do we actually do this in practice?

First, it’s important to look at WHY you want to raise your vibration. If you are unclear about your big ‘why’ it is unlikely that you will be successful in doing it. For most people increasing your vibration is to improve your life. It is to create more and better energy so that you might attract in more opportunities and better circumstances which are more in alignment with your desires. This will only work if you know exactly what your desires are. Use the VIBE tools to get clear on this. Get crystal clear on your own big why.

So how do you know what level you are vibrating at anyway? Well our circumstances don’t lie. If you want to know how your vibration is take a look at your own circumstances, i.e. what you have already created in your life. Is it what you want? The law of attraction says we ALWAYS create in alignment with the vibration we are putting out. However don’t feel disheartened if your circumstances are not ideal. It is helpful to accept that some ‘contrast’ in the form of what we don’t want is really useful in helping us to get clear on what we do want. And our circumstances are always a snapshot of our previous thoughts, because thoughts become things. Meaning that there is a time delay between what we ‘think’ about and it manifesting. So what you are seeing today is a snapshot of your previous thoughts and feelings. This is GREAT NEWS because it means that if you think happy thoughts today you will get happy circumstances tomorrow (or sometime soon).

Therefore what you ‘think’ is important, and so too is what you ‘feel’. Your emotions have vibrations too, and this is what you put out into the world. What we put out we get back. And we here at Raised Vibration take thing a step further by using four key practices together (V.I.B.E. Visualization, Intending, Believing, Experiencing) to cause major reality shifts as swiftly as possible.

So all that said what can we do practically to raise our vibration and feel better on a daily basis? Here is a list of some of our favorite ways. Stay tuned for our “101 Ways to Raise Your Vibration” e-book that is almost ready for primetime. Signup Here to reserve a free copy.

  1. Dancing – Salsa, Zumba, Tap, La Roque or just dancing around your living room. Any kind of dancing that gets your energy flowing and makes you feel good will do it.
  2. Meditating – Meditating is essential for connecting to source and for inner peace/wellbeing. If practiced regularly it can help you to feel calmer, better connected and it will increase your vibe.
  3. Journaling – Journaling is a great way to process your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Even if some of what comes out seems ‘negative’, often just the process of getting it out and onto paper can make you feel better.
  4. Cuddling –  Cuddling your partner, your mother, your friend, your pet. Cuddling anyone really. Cuddling and touch release Oxytocin, a ‘feel good’ bonding hormone. The same affect can be achieved by stroking your dog or cat. In fact stroking your dog or cat has also been shown to have a calming affect and reduce blood pressure.
  5. Movement/Exercise – Moving your body releases the feel good hormone Seratonin and also boosts those lovely Endorphins. This can bring you a natural high. It is important to choose a type of exercise that you enjoy.
  6. Breathing – Breathing is vital to life and when we are stressed we do not breath properly – our breathing actually becomes shallow and so we don’t get the nourishing oxygen fully into our system. There is an age old saying which is simply ‘breath’ when things become overwhelming. There is wisdom behind this saying. Breathing properly can slow the heart rate, get oxygen around the system more effectively to the heart, muscles, lungs and brain, and help reduce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. It can help us to feel more focused and energized. There are plenty of breathing exercises available to learn. Google it and see what comes up.
  7. Listening to your favorite music – a few minutes of your favorite uplifting tunes can do wonders to lift your vibe. Preferably something with a beat because it also appeals to our tribal roots and that primal part of the brain responsible for recognizing rhythms.
  8. Walking in nature – Nature has it’s own energy. It would be hard for anyone to walk in a beautiful, lush forest or climb a mountain and not feel energized. Having said that if you don’t have time to climb a mountain today a walk in the park will do!
  9. Listening to your favorite Self Help Guru – Sometimes despite all our efforts we still feel low energy. Often the thing that can pull us up out of our funk is listening to a  Self Help Guru whom we find inspiring. We like Abraham Hicks, however anyone who you find motivating will do the trick. You can use Youtube if you don’t have any of their stuff readily available.
  10. Preparing/eating a nourishing meal – For some people cooking is a way to unwind in itself. However even if you don’t enjoy cooking we can all benefit from a nourishing meal. Food has it’s own energy. Fresh, living food such as organic fruit and vegetables are the best for when you need some serious lifting. Although any food you enjoy has the potential to make you feel good. Try blessing the food before you eat it for an extra infusion of love and energy.
  11. A day at the spa – Who wouldn’t feel energized from a day at the spa? Choose treatments that appeal to you.
  12. A massage – Have a massage or any kind of bodywork that makes you feel uplifted. An aromatherapy massage can feel really good because you can choose oils whose properties are uplifting. You can either have a massage from a professional or ask your partner for a budget friendly option.

We would love to hear from you. Share your top ways in which you lift your own vibration.

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