Picture Yourself in a Boat on a River

A picture, or so the cliché goes, is worth a thousand words. We don’t know about that, but what we do know is that visualizing works best when we use as many of our senses as possible. Making a collage, or what we call a V.I.B.E. Board, is one of the most effective (and, yes, the most fun!) ways we know to imagine our visions into reality.

samplevibeboardBack in the Pleistocene era, before computers, creating a vision board was something of a delicious mess: a giddy jumble of poster board, scissors, magazines, crayons, markers and paste. We still love to make vision board this way, but honestly, we don’t always have the resources available, the energy for cleaning up afterwards or the time.

That’s the beauty of a V.I.B.E. Board. It’s completely electronic, so your image bank is almost limitless: your own library of photos, free stock images online, even your own mobile downloads—see a house you want to put on your V.I.B.E. Board? Go snap a picture of it and throw it into your personal V.I.B.E. System image library and there it is!  We even provide tools for typing in whatever words or phrases are meaningful to you. If you want to work with baboons, baby, not only can you find a picture of a baboon, but you can print out a big banner that says “Go Ape!”

But don’t be fooled by how easy creating a V.I.B.E Board is into thinking it’s a small gesture, energetically.  Visioning and setting intention is powerful mojo, whether you take five minutes or five hours to do it. And we could argue that playing with intention in simple, delightful little sips is actually more powerful, because it allows you to create without strong attachment to a specific outcome.

One of us might be very drawn to a photo of the Swiss Alps, for instance, without really knowing why or how that fits into our vision. No problem—if it resonates with you, put it on your V.I.B.E. Board. In another case, we might want to attract wealth, but we don’t know how. That’s cool! Put your perfect number, or even just a photo of money, on your V.I.B.E. Board, and let go of how it will or “has” to show up for you!

You could make a V.I.B.E Board with a vision of your life ten years from now—or you could create a V.I.B.E. Board that captures what you want tomorrow morning to look and feel like. Big dreams, little dreams, where-the-heck-did-THAT-come-from dreams—they’re all easy and powerful, and they’re a wonderful tool to play with as you seek to create an intentional and inspired life.

Why not give a simple V.I.B.E Board a whirl now?  It’s fast, it’s fun, and it WORKS. And if you really miss that thick paste smell, you can always leave a jar open next to your laptop.

We’re offering access to our V.I.B.E. Board tool for a limited time for FREE at  https://raisedvibration.com/v-i-b-e-boards  Share yours with us–and with your permission, we’ll post it on Pinterest and elsewhere to help you put some of that great energy out into the universe!


How To Feel Better In Just 5 Minutes!

Sometimes it is really hard to relax! It can feel challenging to stay present in the moment, and enjoy what is happening now. Often our moods get the better of us and we end up feeling bad despite our best efforts to be calm, relaxed and happy. It just isn’t happening.

There are so many outside influences in our hectic modern day world that cause us to rush, and to feel tight and stressed. We hold tension in our muscles and bodies, many of us without really being aware of it! And so often we are in our heads worrying about the future or the past, and all this can just make us feel terrible sometimes. Grouchy, tight, tired. The energy is stuck.

Often we know the importance of relaxing, we may even take steps to relax. And sometimes all the candle lit baths and gentle, realxing walks in the world don’t make a difference, IF our minds are still busy and are bodies are still tense! Until we get into the right mind set AND begin to relax our bodies, we will stay stuck in this tight, tense feeling place.

In this short video, Leo Barbuta of Zenhabits.com talks about the art of relaxing the mind and body, and tells us how we can use his technique to release stress and feel better in just 5 minutes.

Click the video above to listen to Leo, and ENJOY!

10 Shortcuts To Realizing Your Dream In Record Time

Living your dream can mean different things to different people. What might be a dream life to some people could be a nightmare to others. And this works perfectly. After all it wouldn’t work so well if we ALL wanted to be the President! So don’t be afraid to have a dream that is totally unique and individual to you! So many people feel stuck and unable to live their dream life, instead feeling trapped in the daily grind. Many people who talk of feeling trapped mention ‘the rat race’ and this brings to mind stressful city jobs and a fast paced life, however people can feel stuck in any situation, if it is not in alignment to who you really are.

Discontentment is something that can affect us all, even those who ARE on their path, and doesn’t always mean a life change is in order. Sometimes it may just mean that you need to examine your attitude and point of view about life and what is happening in the moment. Check to see whether you are living in gratitude, and touch in with yourself about where your needs are, and whether you are successfully fulfilling them. Sometimes we are not challenging ourselves enough. Perhaps we have a genuine need for excitement, or romance. These can be taken care of.

However if you are really unhappy in your life, or you KNOW that you are not living your dream, or even if you have an inkling that you could be doing something that would suit you better and you feel that you want and need to BE more, then this article is for you.


Here are 10 steps to help you easily create the life of your dreams.


1. Know Your Dream

This may sound obvious, however many people don’t have a clear picture of their dream. Often people have a vague idea of what they would like to do in their life, however they don’t really ‘KNOW’ their dream. It’s more of a hazy daydream, rather than a clear picture that with intention, motivation and practical/Inspired action, can be created and brought into existence.


2. Define it and make the picture really clear in your mind

In order for you to start using visualization to bring your dream into reality you need a crystal clear picture of it in your mind. Think HD clear! Don’t be afraid to dream BIG. Evidence shows that imagining your dream, down to the smallest details, can help you gravitate towards it. Remember the Law of Attraction states that what we focus on grows. Make your vision of your dream life so clear you can almost smell it! Creating a VIBE Board is extremely useful and we highly recommend doing that.


3. Use the power of INTENTION to help create what you want

Once you have your picture clear in your mind you can use visualization techniques each day to help create it in your life. This simply involves concentrating on this dream each day for a period of time, letting yourself live it in your mind as you would like it to be. Feeling how it would feel. The power of our minds is awesome and when we focus with intent a lot can be achieved. Visualization is a technique used by successful people all over the world, for example Success Coach Tony Robbins, and athlete Lindford Christy. Some people do this as part of their meditation, however if meditation isn’t your thing you can just dedicate a segment of time each day to this technique. Right before you go to sleep is a good time, or when you have just woken up. It doesn’t have to be a long time either. 5 minutes each day is fine if you are pressed for time.


4. Prioritize

Once you have started using your mind to get your universe into alignment and help create the life your dreams, then you also need to take some practical steps to make it happen. When you know what your dream life is it will be easier for you to prioritize and begin the process of making sure that everything you do on a daily basis is in alignment with what you are trying to achieve. Some people would call this being on your path and taking INSPIRED actions.


5. Get rid of anything that is not in alignment to this dream

This includes the things you are doing on a daily basis, daily actions and behaviors. If they do not serve you, and especially serve you in getting you to where you want to be in your life, seriously consider changing them. Time is precious so use it wisely. Of course keep some fun and relaxation time in the mix for balance, and family and true friends are also important. However if you are spending lots of time and money in the pub for example, and this is not helping you in any way towards your dream, this is the type of behavior you may want to look at. Get rid of excess stuff too (sell or gift everything you don’t REALLY need). Stuff weighs us down and holds us back. You will be surprised how little you really need when you are happy, and also how little you will miss those material things that we sometimes attach ourselves to!


6. Accept support to realize your dream

Sometimes we miss support when it is offered, or we are too proud to accept. People can help and support you to achieve your dream and often they are even happy to do so. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. As long as you don’t go in with expectations or an attitude that you are ‘owed’ something, often when we get clear on what we want things will fall into place to support us. This doesn’t always happen, however when someone does offer to support us we can comfortably take them up on it. This is the POWER of community!


7. Be willing to make some sacrifices

Often once we have worked out what it is we want from life we have to sacrifice some of the other things (see getting rid of stuff section above). There may be things you have to sacrifice in the short term in order to get where you want to be in the long term. As long as you are still enjoying your day to day life, this will be worth it in the long run. Keep your dream clearly in your mind to help you stay motivated when you make sacrifices.


8. Take on extra work (play) for a short time

If you need extra money to help you realize your dream (for example if you wanted to pay off debt or take a special vacation), then you might want to consider taking on some extra work (play) for a short period of time. We like to call work (play) because if you are providing a service in exchange for some monetary compensation, it should be FUN! Obviously it is important to look after your health and not burn out, however sometimes to achieve what we want in life taking on MORE and being sure you bring fun and play to doing those new activities, all types of new things can show up to support you along the way. Work out the details of what is practical and INSPIRING for you. It helps to have a goal and a timescale to work to that fits with you as an individual.


9. Be patient

Often, once we know what we want, it is hard to then be patient whilst circumstances align to make this possible. Speaking personally I can say that this is always the hardest part of the process for me. In this modern time of instant gratification it can be very hard to feel satisfied when you can’t see much happening. This is the law of reap and sow. I think that people better understood this universal principle when more of us were farmers, and we lived closer to nature. Then we would understand that when we plant seeds we won’t see a plant the very next day. Maybe a month of two down the line, or perhaps even next year! If you can apply this law to your life as you start to make changes to realize your dream, it will help keep you motivated when it looks like not much is happening.


Another helpful analogy can be to think of it like a big pot of water on the stove. When you first put it on to boil there is a lot of energy going in (the flame under the pot) and for a good while NOTHING appears to be happening to the water. However it is. The water is gradually heating up, and when it gets to a certain point, suddenly there will be bubbles and it will boil! If you continued heating it, eventually it would become steam. So with all that energy going in it still takes a while to show any results, however there ARE changes happening, under the surface. Apply this principle to your life to help you stay calm in times when nothing appears to be shifting (often at the beginning of a cycle of change, and often at times during that cycle too). And if you truly believe your dream is possible, you will be rewarded all along the way with little signs and what we like to call magic and miracles that remind you to stay focused, and continue PLAYING your BIG GAMES in life as they will manifest, just like the boiling water, right before your eyes.


10. Open your mind

So now that you are clear about your dream and on your path, it’s time to open your mind to the possibilities! We can miss so much by being closed. Stay open to receive all that this abundant universe has to offer.

What does living your dream look like to you? Share your dream with us below.

Dancing with the Stars Champions have Raised Vibration

Dancing with the Stars Champions Secret to Success: VIBE High!


Guest Blog Post by: Susan Lee, Author

Dancing With the Stars Season 16 is half complete and people are already wondering who will go the distance and win the coveted Mirrror Ball Trophy. Whether the champion is Alli, Jacoby, Zendaya, Kelli, or one of the others, we are down to real contenders who are in it to win it.
The show is filled with excitement and entertainment every week, beautiful costumes and sets, and great dancing, of course. But, despite all the glitz and glamour, the road to a Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars is a long one for the wanna-be Champions and their pro partners.
What makes a Dancing With the Stars Champion? After loyally watching all 16 seasons, it is clear to me that most of the winners share a number of characteristics and qualities with the law of attraction principles. Here are 18 traits of a Dancing With the Stars Champion, and how they fit in with the principles of the law of attraction:

Principle #1: Ask

The first principle is critical in order to get a person up each day and working toward a goal. You have to know what you want and ask for it. Those celebrities that make it to the Dancing with the Stars finals know from day one the importance of asking for what they want.

  1. Definite Major Purpose – These winners don’t just go on the show hoping to have a good time or to learn a little more about dancing. The stars that make it to the final weeks are clear that the goal is to go all the way to the finals–and win! They are definite in their objective, and the result is success.

  2. Solid Reason Why They Want to Win – Those Dancing With the Stars contestants that survive the grueling practice schedule week after week have a strong will to win. It may be to overcome past demons, to rekindle a faltering career or even just to prove that they can, but regardless of what it is, these successful stars are crystal clear as to why they want it.

  3. They Have a Commitment to Win – Zig Ziglar said that “a person who has a commitment toward a goal looks for a solution when everything hits the wall,” (which it almost always does on Dancing With the Stars). If there is no commitment, they just look for a way to get out.

  4. They Set Smaller Goals – In addition to their ultimate goal to win the Mirror Ball trophy, successful Dancing With the Stars Challengers set smaller goals for improvement each week along the way. They know that no one reaches the finish line only by wishing, and hoping, but if you have short term objectives and reach them one at a time, you will go far on the show.


Principle #2: Believe

Asking for what you want is one thing, but harder still is reaching a goal if you have negative resistance because you don’t believe you can achieve it. The next few traits of the dancing celebs demonstrate their total belief and confidence in their direction.

  1. Confidence – Dancing With the Stars winners have confidence that they have what it takes to go the distance. While dancing talent has something to do with it, the real winners have an inner spirit that allows them to step out of their comfort zone and try new and sometimes frightening things. From that positive mindset, belief is born.

  2. Visualize Success – Successful Dancing With the Stars contestants visualize their success. As clear as day, they can see themselves having successful practice sessions each day, completing their dance routines flawlessly each week and happily hoisting the Mirror Ball trophy up in the air at the end of the final broadcast.

  3. Use Their Words to Create Their Belief – Rarely do you see a contestant who says things like “I hope we make it,” or “I’m just happy to have made it this far,” competing in the final weeks of the competition. These kind of words allow an escape. Successful Dancing With the Stars Challengers always speak affirmatively, such as “next week I want to work on…” or “I can’t wait to get working on my routine for next week.”

  4. Capitalize On Emotion – Successful candidates are not afraid to tune into and use their emotions. Because emotions are so powerful, they are excellent catalysts to anchor successful visualization. So first they see what they want to achieve, then they feel it – through humor, passion, playfulness, and even anxiety. The result–it becomes real to them, and they believe it even more strongly.


Principle #3: Act

After you are clear in what you want, and believe in your heart you can do it, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start getting the job done.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice – It’s no wonder that professional athletes so often make it to the final weeks of Dancing with the Stars, because nothing takes the place of good old fashioned practice. In the feature clips, you rarely see the top contenders trying to fit in other life obligations. When it’s time to practice, they roll up their leg warmers and get busy.

  2. Make the Time – The plain and simple truth is that success takes time. The most successful make sure there is adequate time to get the job done.

  3. Active Participation is critical – It is not enough just to show up and do what you are told. The most successful contestants are fully engaged and participate in the planning and choreography of each dance.


Principle #4: Allow

Regardless of how much you “ask,” “believe,” and “act,”, the law of attraction can be defeated if you aren’t able to allow what you desire into your life. Many things can hold us back from allowing, but we can learn a lot from the successful Dancing With the Stars champions.
Persistence is critical, and you will see the winning couples working certain difficult dance moves over and over again, until they become second nature to the star. Everything is odd and difficult at first, but if you are able to persist through the discomfort, you can achieve your goals.

  1. Patience – At the same time, the most successful stars are able to be patient with themselves, and with their coaches. Working toward any intense goal will create high emotions and can easily lead to impatience and frustration. The highest achievers have the ability to temper those strong feelings with good humor and understanding.

  2. Don’t Believe the Stories of Why You “Can’t” – Dancing With the Stars Champions know that doubt and worry are inevitable, but not in charge. There are bound to be moments of self doubt and fear when striving for any big goal. But the successful contestants are able to work through those fears quickly and press on to the end.

  3. Use Criticism to Your Advantage – Everyone has two options when faced with criticism–to complain and whine over how unfair it is, or to glean the truths out of the criticism and use those truths to improve your performance. Most of the Dancing With the Stars contestants that choose the former are eliminated long before finals week. The champions take the second choice.

  4. Be Confident in Your Resources – The most competitive contestants are sure of their resources, particularly the expertise of their professional coach. You rarely see the highest competitors arguing with their coach or questioning a suggested move. This allows the pro more creative leverage to showcase the star’s unique qualities.


Principle #5: Receive

The end goal, of course, is to reach your objective. So the final principle, receive, may seem a bit anti-climatic. After all, if you have believed enough, you have already visualized the moment many times in your mind. What makes the end worth the effort lies in the way you receive.

  1. Be Thankful – Those contestants who make it the farthest demonstrate extreme thankfulness. They are grateful for the support they receive from their family, fellow contestants, fans, and their professional coach. They are grateful for the physical benefits the experience gave them and the lessons they learned along the way. Never do you hear a contestant who made it far say anything but good things about their participation in the show.

  2. Always Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude – Probably all the other characteristics described here can be summed up in the fact that Dancing With the Stars champions have a relentless Positive Mental Attitude. Negative vibrations are banished quickly and re-evaluated to find the positive lesson from the situation. In this way, the law of attraction is given a fertile field in which to work. That is the way Dancing With the Stars Champions are made!

More than just a fun show to watch, Dancing with the Stars can teach us some real lessons as to how we can achieve our dreams and goals. But, without the full resources of ABC TV and the Dancing With the Stars machine behind us, it can often seem daunting to follow those principles.
I have discovered that the more positive ways I can record and track my progress, the easier it becomes to stick with my goals over the long haul. More positive vibrations in my life over negative ones helps keep me on track and I used the tools created by RaisedVibrations.com to do it. Through RaisedVibrations.com, I am able to build and give voice to my dreams, set solid goals for achieving them and use a number of visualizing techniques, including their popular and fun V.I.B.E. Board.
While my dreams don’t often include Ballroom Dancing on national TV, I can commit to the same principles used by Dancing With the Stars Champions. By doing that, I can shoot for the moon! And, as Les Brown has said, when I do that, I’m bound to “end up among the stars.”
– – – – – – – – – –
Susan Lee is a wife, mother, business professional, and author of God’s Law of Attraction. She has been an active member of RaisedVibration since November of 2012.