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Do You Believe in Spooks?

The Cowardly Lion sure did. And look where it got him. But jump ahead to the ending of The Wizard of Oz:  the Tin Man feels the power to love when he is given a mere trinket in which he has faith. The Scarecrow can suddenly parse geometry once he has a piece of paper […]

Rock Steady, Baby

http://youtu.be/9wQT3YRk4ME Everyone’s got their own word for it. Aretha calls it “Rock Steady.” Someone else might call it “Euphoria.” Another might call it “Connected to the Universe.”  But whatever you call it, let’s call it what it is (what it is, what it is): the essence of you, humming and purring and V.I.B.E.ing your absolute […]

Help, It’s a Snake! No, Wait, It’s a Stick.

Fear, believe it or not, can be a trusted adviser. When you’re about to be bitten by a rattlesnake, for example, that jolt of adrenaline and reflexive back-pedal can be a very good thing. The thing to remember is that fear is an instinctive, primal response. There’s not a lot of intellectualizing going on. In […]

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Actually, it would be more accurate to say “open yourself to the love in your heart.” Because it’s in there, baby, no matter how bruised and battered you may feel from an outside blow. It’s there even when your heart feels closed as tight and unforgiving as a fist. Most of us “close” our hearts […]

How to Raise Your V.I.B.E. with Humor

Somewhere along the way, spirituality got a bad rap as being humorless. Was it solemn-faced officiants of various churches? Earnest and relentless door-knocking evangelists? Perhaps the idea that spirituality can’t co-exist with being funny, irreverent and even outright silly is just a mass hallucination too many of us are captive to. Well, snap out of […]

Think You’re a Superstar? Well, Right You Are!

It’s hard to top John Lennon’s lyrics when it comes to writing a pithy post about “joining the human race,” “recognizing your brothers,” and “getting yourself together.” At the heart of this classic is his message, brought home in song after song after song: we are all superstars.  And we all shine on. Like the […]

Watch Your Language

A lot of us have a language problem. And we’re not talking about the potty-mouth stuff. We have our affirmations. We make our V.I.B.E. (vision) boards. We write in our journals, we make our big dreams and plans, and oh, we dream BIG and we dream beautifully and we think positively and we make sure […]

Fear of Falling

Last week, something horrible happened—the stuff of nightmares. 52-year-old Rosy Esparza was killed when she fell out of a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas. Nobody knows whether the locking bar that is supposed to hold riders in place failed, whether it wasn’t closed correctly in the first place–apparently Esparza questioned one of the […]

You’re Such an Animal! 10 Reasons Why That’s a Good Thing

Sure, we human beings have these big, complicated brains. And that’s awesome. But sometimes, it’s equally awesome to remember that we’re animals, too. Because we’ve forgotten some of the best life lessons we were born with: 1. Animals eat when they’re hungry, drink when they’re thirsty, and sleep when they’re tired. How much better health […]