Raised Vibration Collage Platform is Live

The Raised Vibration Collage Platform (we call it the V.I.B.E. Board) is now live and available for public use. Now you can import images and pictures from your facebook account, Google Images, Flickr, and other sources or upload photos and images from your computer to create beautiful collages…without the need for a costly designer!

Here’s our first demo video:

The uses for these images are simply endless!

  • Save your creations to your own computer
  • Email them to friends
  • Send them to your personal success coach
  • Publish direct to facebook for public sharing from inside the V.I.B.E. Board tool!
  • Post the collage image to your blog
  • Pin your blog post with your new image on Pinterest!
  • Change the settings and make a new facebook header!

See what I mean by “endless?”

No graphics design experience needed and no need to pay high-end designers! Anyone can register for free to use the collage platform while we gather feedback from users. We could call this a Beta release, I suppose, but it’s more of a let’s launch it and improve as we go approach.

Register Now for your free account.

The V.I.B.E. System is coming!

We have been toiling away on building the RV online membership platform.  We are almost there, and it is getting very exciting.  There are times when we wonder, for what is all this effort?  Then we stop, and reflect on our Mission, Vision and Values to remind us of much more then the purpose of the new VIBE System.  Our MM&V’s are a reminder of what it’s ALL ABOUT!  Press on people!  Press on.  It’s worth it.