Totally Free MEME Maker

Give the new and totally free MEME Maker a whirl at It’s easy to create your own meme images and meme photos and then upload them to facebook or download them to your computer for use in any situation you want.

Example of a meme

If you haven’t officially heard the term “meme,” you’ve probably seen those silly, enticing and often controversial images or photos on facebook with a caption….like this one.

Whereas some meme creator software systems charge to use their product, our VIBE board tool is completely free and allows you to:

  • Upload as many photos or images as you want to the library
  • Insert photos and images from Google Images to use in your memes
  • Add as many captions and multiple photos to the same meme as you’d like
  • Share to your facebook profile
  • Download to your computer to use your memes in other social networks
  • Combine memes together to make new ones

Developers are charging double-digits for use of this software, but at Raised Vibration, you can produce all the memes you want for free using our free meme maker that we call the VIBE Board Creator.

See, you can use the system as just a mere meme maker. But we designed the VIBE Board Creator to be much more. Here are some additional uses:

  • Make digital business cards to promote your business
  • Make birthday cards to email to a loved one
  • Create coupons to promote on social media
  • Design holiday greatings and use the same ones from year to year
  • Never be at a loss again for images to add to your blog posts
  • Promote your business using continuous additions to Pinterest
  • Offer a free tip and inspire others to visit your website fore more

See how the list off applications is endless? And, you don’t have to be a designer at all! Give it a try now. It’s free after all.

Raised Vibration Collage Platform is Live

The Raised Vibration Collage Platform (we call it the V.I.B.E. Board) is now live and available for public use. Now you can import images and pictures from your facebook account, Google Images, Flickr, and other sources or upload photos and images from your computer to create beautiful collages…without the need for a costly designer!

Here’s our first demo video:

The uses for these images are simply endless!

  • Save your creations to your own computer
  • Email them to friends
  • Send them to your personal success coach
  • Publish direct to facebook for public sharing from inside the V.I.B.E. Board tool!
  • Post the collage image to your blog
  • Pin your blog post with your new image on Pinterest!
  • Change the settings and make a new facebook header!

See what I mean by “endless?”

No graphics design experience needed and no need to pay high-end designers! Anyone can register for free to use the collage platform while we gather feedback from users. We could call this a Beta release, I suppose, but it’s more of a let’s launch it and improve as we go approach.

Register Now for your free account.