Affirmations to Help Manifest What You Want

The short video, below, provides some affirmations that can be used every day to help change your life and start manifesting the circumstances you want. Affirmations that are repeated regularly can become beliefs– and once they become beliefs your circumstances will fall into place around them.  And that, friends, is where the magic happens.

If you feel resistance when you say “‘I am . . . ”  in your affirmations, you can replace the word ‘am’ with the word ‘intend’. So your affirmation would become “I intend to be. . . .”  This usually brings up less push-back.  Also important: if any of these affirmations don’t resonate with you, disregard them or adapt them to suit yourself and the unique set of circumstances you are trying to create.

Try using these affirmations daily for 30 days and see what changes happen in your life!


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  1. Lucy Patrick says:

    This is a superb list of daily affirmations. Somehow I think this concept of reciting affirmations out loud has either lost its luster or just isn’t talked about much anymore. I’m glad to see the folks at raisedvibration putting it on the forefront again.

    • Raised Vibration says:

      The energy behind affirmations is so important, Lucy. If we just go around chanting something tonelessly with no intent or belief behind it, we might as well be reciting our grocery list. People who spend time doing the latter are bound to get frustrated and decide “affirmations don’t work.” It’s really the intention that powers them. Thanks for writing.


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