Toxic Men and Proper “Training”


Is your relationship with your guy toxic?

“Toxic” is a word that gets tossed around a lot without really being defined, but let’s say that for our purposes, “toxic” here implies that you repeatedly allow yourself to be taken advantage of, devalued or hurt, or that your guy is consistently unkind to you and doesn’t seem to care about what you might be feeling.

“It’s not like he beats me or anything!”

Okay, don’t even go there. Someone does not have to hammer on you with their fists to be abusive.  Withdrawal of affection, verbal criticism, social isolation, belittling and control are all ways of abusing another human being. And not a single one of us deserves it.

Why do we stay in relationships that hurt?  Take a look at this short video of Rori Raye, a fantastic relationship coach, explaining why women can find themselves drawn to toxic men and relationships.

Even better, learn how you can train men to treat you better–just the way you’d train a dog.  Yes, really!

Toxic Relationships and How to “Train” Men ~ Rori Raye Video

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