The Universe Is Not Your Fairy Godmother

Are you waiting for a hero, in a line from another “Shrek” song?  Or are you, perhaps, waiting for a fairy godmother/aka the Universe to “make” your dreams and wishes come true?

Sweetheart. It’s not going to work, except perhaps by pure dumb accident.

Manifesting is about way more than having dreams and making wishes–although setting intention is key. Affirmations, mantras, vision boards (we call ’em V.I.B.E. Boards here at Raised Vibration) are powerful tools to help you bring what you want into your life.

But if you want to win the lottery, eventually you’re gonna have to buy a ticket.

And if you want to make a wish come true, it’s going to take a little more effort than blowing out some birthday candles, wishing on a star, letting a teardrop call on a fairy godmother’s business card, or chanting affirmations.

Let’s say the Universe isn’t like a Fairy Godmother (who really, after all, only grants wishes to whoever she pleases, and punishes those she dislikes–she’s more like the Puritans’ idea of a “vengeful and wrathful God”), but more like your car’s GPS.  The Universe–and your GPS–can get you pretty much wherever you want to go, but programming your destination in is only part of the magic.

First you have to get into your car, demonstrating your readiness and willingness to begin your journey.

Then you program your GPS, setting your intention for what you want.

And then?  Well, then, dear one, as long as you just sit in your car in your garage or your driveway, nothing much will happen.  The GPS/Universe can’t bring you what you want until you actually start driving, putting yourself on the path to finding your heart’s desire (or the nearest Starbucks, which may, in some cases, amount to the same thing).

So today? Go ahead and make those wishes and dream those dreams. They are the critical starting place.  But then, for goodness sake, start the car. Buy the ticket. Take a step in the direction of those dreams.

Now that’s what we call making magic.