How To Allow Happiness


Do You Know How To Be Happy?

We all say that we want happiness, and many of us have done the work and written out detailed lists of our desires and plans for the months and years ahead, especially if you are working with the VIBE system tools, so what about when those  desires come true? What about when you finally get what you want, are you really ready to receive it?

Often, when our desires manifest they are not quite what we expected, and for many of us we are ‘trained’ not to feel happy and content, no matter how good things get in our lives. We learned to believe in lack and fear from when we were very young and most of our adult lives. Many people have a pattern of focusing on the negative, and it is an internal pattern that keeps us from experiencing joy. Most of us are so ‘programmed’ to experience misery and struggle that it has become normality for us. And so we will experience it no matter what is going on around us, and also we will continue to create circumstances that support those underlying negative beliefs.

Many people they will say what they want, and then they will say that they will be happy once they achieve that specific thing. However they reach their goal and they are still not happy (because it is not about ‘saying‘ it is about ‘being‘). So then they make a new goal… and on and on. This can go on for a lifetime in many cases unless the individual wakes up to what is happening. The reason they are not happy is because they are attaching their happiness to an external thing, rather than working on their internal state.

Happiness is not an external circumstance, it is an internal state.

So I say to you BE HAPPY NOW, regardless of whether you have achieved that goal or whether your external circumstances are perfect. Work on feeling good in the moment and doing the internal work to continue to move towards joy. Don’t be thrown when any ‘negative’ emotions that come up, they are part of the deal too, and are not to be taken too seriously. You can choose to accept and  acknowledge them and then move onto joy and happiness quickly, so that you end up spending more time in ‘joy’.

What can you do or say to make yourself feel happy now? What affirmations can you use? What ‘stories’ do you need to tell yourself? What loving words do you need to say to yourself in the mirror? What have you got already to feel appreciative of?

When you have done the work and manifested your desires now is the time to learn to hold still and ‘receive’ gratefully. This can take practice too.

How much happiness will you allow in your life today?