How to Raise Your V.I.B.E. with Humor

Somewhere along the way, spirituality got a bad rap as being humorless.

Was it solemn-faced officiants of various churches? Earnest and relentless door-knocking evangelists? Perhaps the idea that spirituality can’t co-exist with being funny, irreverent and even outright silly is just a mass hallucination too many of us are captive to.

Well, snap out of it.

Everybody’s sense of humor is subjective and their own, so you might not actually find the above clip even slightly amusing. But that’s not the point. The point is to find your funny, whatever funny means to you. Because when you find your funny, you also find your feel-good. And when you find your feel-good, you raise your vibration. And when you raise your vibration. . . .

Well, we already know what happens after that, right? High vibration attracts its like. Synchronicities appear. Magic happens.

All because you watched kind of a dumb but inexplicably funny video of grown men making a mess with food and drinking out of sippie cups?

Hey, there are plenty of hard and rocky paths to enlightment. Why not try a gentler one instead?