Today is 12/12/12!

Today is the LAST repetitive date we will ever see. And it’s the day after 12/11/12, which was the last day before the supposed END OF THE WORLD. Yet we are still waiting for 12/21/12, which is technically the last day in the Mayan Calendar.

So what will we be waiting for next? The spontaneous combustion of the earth? California to drop off into the sea? If we haven’t already ascended people, the JIG IS UP! It’s time to STOP waiting and start creating and living YOUR LIFE!

It has been said that as a whole our consciousness level has risen above the level of self-destruction. According to the astronomic knowledge of ancient civilizations the 26,000-year “precession of the equinoxes” is coming to an end. And earth is completing it’s 11,000-year cycle in the darkness of separation and duality, which technically speaking, is outside of the photon band. For those of us who don’t follow this stuff closely, the photon band is a band of high vibrational intensified light that comes from the sun. While earth is inside the light of the photon band (a 2000-year period) humanity will have access to its next level of advancement.

The real question is, “What does all this mean for us human beings here on earth?” What does it mean for YOU? We here at Raised Vibration know that is simply means it is YOUR time to take full responsibility for your LIFE, and what it looks like, and begin to PLAY that game like never before. Now, it’s with grace and ease that this can be done. You are the ONE you have been waiting for! YOU are the only one who can take the wheel and drive YOUR life. It’s up to you to stop doing whatever it is you have been doing that doesn’t bring peace, joy and harmony into your life, and begin playing and creating a life that fills you entirely with LOVE.

We are ready! Are you?

Don’t delay, come play in The VIBE System today!

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