Hello and THANK YOU for requesting our V.I.B.E. Party Hosting Kit!

We are excited you found us and want to step UP and Play this “Raising Your V.I.B.E.” game with us. “It take a Village…” is definitely a mantra around these parts, and we hope you are as excited as we are to expand yourself and your community by PLAYING BIG and causing great things to happen for yourself, your life and your community.

We have a few questions for you that will help us support you in hosting your very own V.I.B.E. Party.

Once you have completed your questionnaire, a certified V.I.B.E. Partner will be in touch to create customized V.I.B.E. Party Kit just for you!

V.I.B.E. Party Hosting Questionnaire

Cheers to VIBING High!

Your V.I.B.E. Partners