Cruise into the New Year

DECEMBER 29, 2012 – JANUARY 5, 2013

VIBE Cruise-Setting the Intention

Setting the bar at the beginning of the year for what a created life will look like is different from creating a New Year’s Resolution.  A resolution as defined in the dictionary is to resolve or determination, or the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute.  These are useful things to do but typically ineffective because your intentions are not truly defined, or created.

To VIBE:  Is to Visualize, Intend, Believe and Experience the future and the intention you are creating. This is what you will be doing during your VIBE vacation.

This 7-night Royal Caribbean Cruise Course allows you to access all the elements of the human spirit.  The body, mind, soul and connection to the universe gets created and expressed in a way that you can’t help but have it be realized.  The realization of your dreams and vision are a natural self-expression and outcome of your participation.   You will never experience a year or a life like the one that you will create for yourself during your participating in VIBE – Setting the Intention.

Included:  Eastern Caribbean 7 nights Cruise Course in an Oceanside Veranda Room.   Round Trip coach flight from your destination, transportation to docks, course & Course/Seminar information, course supplies, one-day trip excursion, daily meals.

Cost:  $2,700.00

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