Honoring Your Sacred Space

Your sacred space is your sweet sanctuary from the outside world, a place where you can get real with yourself and also get in touch with that part of you that is BIGGER than the everyday you.

You create your own sacred space by the power of your intention, by shifting your focus away from fear and stress and inward toward that sense of communion. Within the V.I.B.E. System, we here at Raised Vibration support you in creating and holding that safe container where you can dig deep, dream big, and do so in whatever degree of privacy you choose.

So if you’re worried that someone here will read your stuff, for example, rest assured that everything you write is stored in a database to which only our database administrators have access.

You can choose to keep your game completely private, or you can choose to share with the V.I.B.E. Master support team, as well as send your selected entires to a specified email address of your choice. If you’re working with a coach or mentor, for example, you might want to give them access to your vision boards, or your inspired actions list with due dates, or even your V.I.B.E. ratings or your journal entires. You might choose to share some of your stuff with other V.I.B.E. Club members in the private Facebook group. You choose exactly which areas you want to share, and exactly with whom you’re willing to share it. Otherwise, this online space of yours is locked up tight in your own private little magical treasure chest in the sky.

Whichever way you choose to go, rest assured that Raised Vibration uses SSL encryption on all pages when you are logged in (that’s what the s in the https URL stands for). SSL ensures that all the data you are transmitting over the internet is secure, so that even if someone were trying to eavesdrop on your wireless connection, all the data you transmit would still be safe from view.

Now with all that said, and all of our toil and trouble to make sure your privacy is protected, this is the World Wide Web!  We have seen some crazy things with big banks and even big box retail (Target) lately, but considering we are not a big bank, nor a giant retail chain, and we operate such that no one comes our way unless they are VIBING HIGH enough to find us; we are pretty sure your little sacred corner of the net here is safe with us!

The interesting thing is, we’ve found that the more people play and start reaching goals, realizing dreams and making magic, they’re usually pretty excited about shouting it from the rooftops and sharing it with the world. But that is–and always will be–absolutely up to you.

Your game. Your rules. You dig?