Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you have scholarships?

Yes! If the V.I.B.E. System resonates strongly with you and you just can’t afford the monthly membership because of financial constraints, Raised Vibration offers a limited number of full and partial scholarships to those who qualify. Download your application here!


Why do you charge?

The most important reason we charge for our membership program is it evokes a sense of having “skin in the game” for people who are stepping up to take on their life and their dreams in a new, bigger way. Making a financial commitment causes a big energetic shift and focuses attention on that to which you commit. And when you commit to magic and miracles, they’ll start showing up for you pretty much immediately if you’re paying attention!


Have you thought of being a non-profit?

Absolutely. We are in the process of creating a foundation which will allow us to operate a non-profit arm of Raised Vibration, funded by grants, donations, and other capital.


How do I host a V.I.B.E. Party?

We encourage every V.I.B.E. member to host V.I.B.E. Parties in their neck of the woods–because we’ve seen ourselves that when everyone V.I.B.E.s high together, it positively and exponentially changes the energy and outcomes for all involved. You can download your own V.I.B.E. Party Hosting Kit here.


What’s a V.I.B.E. Partner? How do I find one?

As a V.I.B.E. Member, you are automatically eligible for free V.I.B.E. Partner support just by choosing which dashboard categories you’re willing to share (click here to do so). This free support comes in the form of personal emails from your assigned V.I.B.E. Partner and includes customized suggestions, reminders, reach-outs, ways around obstacles, a hand for when you’re stuck, and built-in accountability.

You can also choose to take it to the next level and work one-on-one with a Certified Raised Vibration Coach. To find out more about the power of combining coaching with the V.I.B.E. System, click here.


Is RV Law of Attraction-based?

Yes, in the sense that we believe absolutely that our raising our vibration attracts things, people and events that match our vibrational energy. But not all Law of Attraction-based materials out there put as much emphasis as we do on what we call Inspired Action. We believe fervently that it’s essential to take even small actions in the directions of your dreams–just as it’s important to actually get in your car and start driving before your GPS system can engage and help get you where you want to go.


Is this a multi-level marketing company (MLM)?

While we admire the success and intentions of ethical multi-level marketing companies, no, Raised Vibration is not an MLM. We do use a two-tier affiliate system to offer compensation for referrals, as do many well-respected online businesses, including For more information about becoming an RV Affiliate, click here.


Can I get certified as a V.I.B.E. Partner/Coach?

We are working right now on a program and accompanying materials that will train currently practicing life coaches to become Certified Raised Vibration Coaches. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss our announcement when this program is ready for launch!


How do I change my email preferences?

Just click on the help button and send us an email to let us know. We’ll make sure your new preferences are updated.


I want to share this with everyone I know! How do I set up an affiliate account?

On your dashboard, you’ll see a link to your affiliate section on the bottom right hand side of the page. You’ll find everything you need to get you started, and an explanation of first- and second-tier affiliate payments.


Will you ever be hosting V.I.B.E. Parties/playshops in my area?

The answer is a qualified yes. We are encourage members like you to host their own V.I.B.E. Parties in their area to get things started quickly. We are also working on new programs and playshops that we will teach both over the Internet and in person.