Do I Have to Be a Paid Member to Earn Referral Money From Raised Vibration?

Welcome to the Raised Vibration referral information page! You are required to be a paid member to earn referral money for promoting our system. After all, you will be making enough in monthly commissions to reimburse your membership fee with 3 paid referrals.
Plus, if you are a paying member and use the system to raise your own V.I.B.E., you will have a much richer, working knowledge of the system and what this is all about.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

The Raised Vibration Referral Program is a two tier program. Every month your referred member renews their Raised Vibration membership, you get 30% of their member payment.
But, we don’t stop there! Many of our members are coaches, speakers, authors and business professionals who know the power of supporting their community and take an interest in enriching peoples lives. So, they’ll share this system with their clients/customers…and then some of those clients/customers will become members and share it too.
That’s where things get exciting, because the new referrer gets 30% for their referrals and YOU the head referrer get an additional 10% per 2nd tier referred member!
Important Note: Raised Vibration is NOT a multi-level marketing company. Offering a commission for tier 1 and tier 2 referrers is a completely normal and accepted way of doing business and we like to call this our way of “Paying it Forward” and giving back to our members.
Payout details are described more fully in the Referral Center, which you will have access to immediately after registering on this secure page.

How Will Raised Vibration Help Me Be a Successful Referrer?

Various promotions and training are provided for you in the Referral Center. Even if you’ve never promoted another website or web-based membership system before, we will guide you step-by-step.

Together, we can raise the V.I.B.E. throughout the world!

Copy and paste your very own referral link into an email and share it with anyone and everyone your heart desires, and get ready to blow the lid off of your own LIFE and all that you know is possible!
LOGIN to your referral area TODAY and check out your system and get to sharing!
Dreams do come true, and they start with YOU!