Things to know about this 12-Week Challenge:


1) Click the “Count Me In” button above to send me an email letting me know that you want to play!

2) The game begins on Monday. You will receive your first weekly challenge video Monday morning, and 11 Monday mornings thereafter, through the completion of the 12-Week Challenge.

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4) You will be doing this challenge with people all around the world.

5) The founder of Raised Vibration will be doing the challenge too, and available if you have questions or feedback at anytime throughout the 12-Week Challenge.

6) This is all about having FUN and raising your level of self-awareness.

7) Designed to be light hearted and provide you with some powerful weekly challenges to strengthen your “manifestation” muscle and keep you VIBING HIGH!

8) All there is to do is click the “Count Me In” button and submit your email address to let the GAMES BEGIN!